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All you opposition people will be scowling after the next election when the Conservatives wipe their feet on you doormats.

You think you are so smug, rallying behind the idiot Pat Martin don't you. Making an issue out of a word on a non-parliamental paper. Because your favored Kairos didn't get its slurp at the public trough.

Defend your friends in the Bloc all you want when their main goal is to break Canada into pieces, we will still win and it will most likely be a majority.

So bring it on at your own peril.

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LOL Observant sure has you pegged Richard S Argent. Right down to the knothole in your head.

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I watched to (10) seconds of that sh!t. Now I know more about Halo_Ovrride than I wanted to.

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Pat. I suspect each and every one of your posts is packed with wisdom, intellect, correctness and candor. But they also probably lack any smidgen of the tweensiest of humor. How dull they must be.

However ya gotta see the lighter side of life and not get so serious when you're touting, pushing, boosting or pulling for your Liberals in an un-winnable contest for the brass ring. They will be punted soon enough.

Just laugh along with me. Maybe next election when Iggy is gone, they may have a platform.

Oh, I forgot. Liberals are forbidden to laugh.

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Awww Jeeez BCer. That really hurt. Here I am sitting under a palm tree in Mexico, the soft warm breezes wafting off the sparkling Pacific ocean drifting through the tall green grasses to expand further into the banana plantations. And then you bring on another punch to my rating in Macleans. That almost ruined my day. But fortunately, I'll rise from my nestled positon, wipe my brow then go down to the lagoon, start the motor of my boat and go fishing.

That should settle my hurt feelings somewhat.

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Criselis, just look at my rating. A whopping -(minus)86. That tells you how many negative punches I get for supporting the Conservatives on these Macleans pages.

I laugh at the Liberals thinking they will win the next election, then I must portray my mirth in meagre words to again be jostled and propelled further down the scale of popularity among the illustrious Liberal community that must dominate Macleans. But, Canadians know and will bring the Conservatives into power once again. Rest in that comforting thought and be well assured.

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Halo, you think this "YOU TUBE splatz" is so coooool don't you? Probably a person of your intelligence would. Good luck you Liberal supporter, just your style.

I'll be looking for you after the next election. Just to see you cringe and blather more. LOL.

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With or withour Mr. Day, we'll still be the governing party after the next election. Then watch these same Liberal potty mouths on here cry, scream and shout.

We Conservatives will sit back, then snap our suspenders and shrug our shoulders then say. "That went well, didn't it?"

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O'reilly. . . I suppose that name background reveals something more acceptable? O'reilly, just another spud eater with ridicule softly emerging from the lilt of the tongue. Having the Scots being held at the lower level of the ladder is their natural goal. Too funny, but we welcome both of you to our fair land here across the seas.

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I remember the nausiating years of Creetin's gang and his arrogance while in command. He bullied and batted everyone out of his way to keep his control for the corruption of his party and Quebec. Giving small usless promises to the Canadian people, only to wiggle out of them once more.

I certainly remember and want no part of any Liberal running the country again.

Well there, I've said my piece.