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I could swear I was missing someone, but all I could think of was 3-point shooting and Eddie House. Fin is a solid player, can take off 10-15 minutes between Ray and Paul. Perk post was just a dream, and I guess Perk won't ever be leaving the Starting 5

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I agree that Sheed's been playing better than Perk in the last few games, but no way Sheed trades spots with Perk because he's a better player as of today. Still, imagine if Perk, for ubuntu (Seems like the last time anyone talked about that was 2 years ago huh?) agrees to move to the 2nd unit. Check out the lineups
Ray/TA(if ever healthy)/ Nate/Quis
Paul/Quis/Marcus Landry?

I feel that with Perk in the 2nd unit, the rebounding situation will start to dissapate. Perk and Baby are both solid rebounders, and at least Perk can punish in the post. Nate and Quis have decent jumpers.

I just don't see any teams 2nd unit being able to compete with ours, but I doubt Perk will let this happen, too much ego!

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I think as players get more experienced, they sorta lose an edge or the excitement. You'll have a hard time watching Amare Stoudimrire (sp) or Kevin Durant not express emotion during a game, but there are plenty of times when it seems like Tim Duncan and Ray Allen really just don't want to come out and play basketball. I hope this is the case, and come playoff time, we should be feared. 2 things I'm worried about is that if this isn't about veteran nerves, and the Big 3 plus Sheed are just too old to be effective consistently, and that this laid back attitude is preventing Rondo, Perk, and Big Baby from showing emotion and excitement. I felt Rondo was criticized during the off-season for having fun, rather than be insanely focused like Ray or just plain insane like KG.

Note: Tonight's blowout changes things, a little.

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Almost no way Z comes to Boston or anywhere except for Cleveland for the matter. He'll act like he's mildly interested, but he's going to return to Cleveland and play with Lebron. The only way I see him coming here is if he's unhappy with the management in Cleveland and believes we have a legit shot at the championship (Not sure even I believe we're a top 4 team right now). I think Danny will put Z in when Davis or Sheed are being lazy, and we'd get a rebounding machine with a decent post game, might be able to improve our front-line (IMO i'd rather have Z being a poodle in the post than Sheed chucking bricks...)

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Howard's a great player, but he really does lack a killer instinct. Stan Fat Gundy needs to understand Howard is missing swag, and that's what it takes to win. I remember how Pierce was muscling up to Chris Bosh after he dunked on him, while Dwight would just smile and give Bosh a hand. I'm all for sportsmanship, but I don't want an NBA with a BS college ball culture. I want to see Perkins scowl, Sheed punch (well maybe not that!), and KG talk OCCASIONALLY, and I think 90% of NBA fans want to see that to.

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Thanks for the update.. The only players in return for Quis I'd be okay with would be:
David Lee

Fundamentally, If we can improve why not? But the Knicks area garbage heap w/ only about 5 players NBA worthy.

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AI2 and Dalmebert would cost a lot, but we could always trade away Dalembert next year when he'll be expiring... I'm even interested in letting Ray+House go for Jason Richardson+Hill. With Rondo and Richardson would have amazing fastbreaks and with Nate, Hill, and Quis coming of our bench, we'll be much more rested than we are now.

Pretty sure we need a trade, we may have the talent, but I don't see the heart or energy. Maybe it's just temporary , like you said, an extra week might help, but we only have a day left.

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What's Danny smoking? I'm no GM, and respect Danny a lot, but if he thinks we can get Banner 18 like this, well....... I think we need major changes (Moving Ray). Ray is awesome, but the only person who should be kept for sentimental reasons is a man named Paul Pierce. I personally want Martin+Nocioni for Ray, or Iggy and Dalembert for Ray+Perk... What do you think?