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Shantanu, I was referring to something that is not dependent on SMS, and hence is not going to be as regulated as SMS, or, for that matter, as constrained. Think of a white labeled mobile Internet based push service that is used to push content, alerts and email. An alternative to SMS.

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Okay, so that sounded a little vague, I agree. I'm just saying that for future allocation of spectrum, let price discovery be through an auction process, but allocation of spectrum beyond a minimum level be based on need. Not give it free, but just because they're willing to pay, don't allow anyone to hoard either.

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I wasn't able to ask about this standalone trend on the conference call, so I called up the company management for comments today - twice today. Once when they tried to reach me, I was on another call, and then when I contacted them again, I was told they'll call back.

It's not that we didn't try contacting the management for comments. We waited, then did the story, with the intention of updating it when they respond.

And we're doing a separate story with their views on 3G, from the earnings conference call.

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Hi, we're independent and neutral, and there's no change in our coverage of OnMobile since they went in for an IPO. We have, in the past, been positive on their deal with Telefonica, and their acquisition of Dilithium.

What we're showcasing through the chart above (four quarters), since OnMobile is the market leader in India, is that the broader trend in India is flat or negative. That shows that the company had the foresight to go international, and very aggressively so, but also that while it has grown revenues, it hasn't been as profitable. In comparison, their competitors in India haven't been as aggressive.

If you think I'm against OnMobile - you're wrong. Unfortunately, we have only two players to refer to when it comes to VAS in India - OnMobile and Tanla Mobile. That neither of them is advertising with us is not in my control. What I can assure you of is that it wont make a difference even if they do. It also wont make a difference to our content if our existing advertisers decide not to advertise.

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I don't love regulations, but I don't despise them either. Depends on the specific regulation and what it intends to do. There are clauses that I agree with, and those that I don't agree with. Our coverage of each regulation looks at pros and cons. It's about looking at the details, and not a blanket like or dislike.

In this case, I don't agree with the regulation (I'm FOR online wallets and don't agree with the $500 limit). But I think the RBI is right to force PayPal to comply with the regulation. Now they need to allow online wallets, not just payment gateways.

But looks like you've already made up your mind about me...

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As an entrepreneur, you know that regulations are a reality of business. You make hay as long as they're not in place, then you try and define regulations with lobbying, and finally you learn to work with and around them. That's pragmatism, and entrepreneurs realize that.

In fact, if you're not aware and prepared for regulations, that makes you a rather poor businessman. You'll always be caught out.

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businesses have to pay tax on profits, but individuals who are freelancing while still in a job would have to pay personal income tax, unless they're accepting money as proprietorship

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Sameer: tax evasion is the RBI's problem. They're dealing with it by regulating Paypal. I'm all for online wallets, but within reasonable regulations - linked with bank accounts, so that "know your customer" norms can be followed. It was an issue with prepaid cards like Itz cash as well, and those are now being regulated. No doubt, PayPal and online wallets will be addressed soon.

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Not sure of what this device has been called, but Sakshat is an education portal from the Indian government:

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Multi-SIM means that an individual user owns multiple SIM cards.