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Good tips. I've been looking for a pop-up thing that works for the blogger platform, to ask for facebook like.
I'd like it to show up towards the end of the post. I found some that pop up right away, and don't look too good either. Not sure I want to use that.
This incentivibe thing looks cool.
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Yeah I agree. And Even when you work AT home it's important to have some form of separation/balance. For me, getting too comfortable can take a toll on my productivity. And so can getting too isolated.
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Hope you find the tutorial useful when you get started creating the banner.
The main thing is that you can use a big picture, 1440 tall and 2560 wide. The area in the middle will show up on most devices. The template and tutorial is just to be really accurate.

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That's going to take a while LOL. But setting goals is definitely important.
Writing down the goals too on paper, like most of the gurus say.
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Glad you liked it. Japan has so many cool games that are never released elsewhere.

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That's awesome! I'm gonna have to bookmark this for when I can afford to do this.
Have been doing some amazon affiliate marketing and thinking about having a contest for giftcard(s), in exchange for subscribers, for now.

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Pretty interesting. I'm always a bit hesitant to put too many links in one post. But when the topic is right, and the links are truly relevant then it looks like it can work.
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Yup Especially since more people are leaving television and finding their shows online, where it's easier to skip advertisements.

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Yup. Facebook has been making it a bit easier to organize. The gmail inbox was the trickiest part for me. Wanted to move/delete thousands of emails without losing the important ones. A little scary but worth it =)

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It's one million Terabytes. I didn't know either until recently. Such a big number to grasp, like the size of the universe.
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