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Hey, how else can a fat, ugly 53-year-old man make it with a 21 year-old babe?

Unfortunately for him, he is either too cheap or too poor to go for the $4,000 hookers like Ashley Dupree.

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I'm afraid you are full of it, Nana.

Anyone who has been a Hannity fan for any length of time would know that he does not identify himself as a Republican, but rather as a Conservative. I have listened to him since around 2000, before Bush 43's first term. He has been against RINOs for YEARS, so for anyone who knows what Hannity is all about, we realize where YOU are really coming from - one of the paid trolls from the Democratic Party who cruise the comments sections for a fee. Must be one of those 3.3 million "saved or created" 0bama-jobs.

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Then what does it sound like to you, Smedley? Give us YOUR explanation of his statement.

And Bush did NOT send Americans to die in Afghanistan with no cause. The 'cause" was to eliminate the people / political structure (Taliban) who were protecting the masterminds of the 9/11 attacks (unless you are a "9/11 Truther" who believes it was all an inside job), so we could pursue a campaign against them..

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"It's not a purse; it's a satchel".

Zach Galifianakis in "The Hangover" : hilarious comedy.

The 0bama Presidency: obviously a far-out science-fiction horror movie that could never happen in real life.

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Hillary was only having a pep rally with the Democrats most reliable constituency.

Far more dead people vote Democratic than Republican, that has been proven over the decades.

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I can't believe that ANYONE would be so STUPID as to really believe what you posted, so I assume you were being sarcastic, right?

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Oh, give MoDo a break. I'll bet that about 25 years ago she was pretty hot.

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I don't know if 0bama hates white people and / or white society, but he definitely has a different set of priorities than MOST Americans, as shown just last week when he suspended proceedings against the mastermind of the USS Cole attack. KSM, Gitmo, suing Arizona instead of enforcing the borders, pushing Healthcare when the people were against it (remember government by the people, of the people?), all this goes against the American people and the American way of life.

And a lot of what he does is Unconstitutional, also (oh yeah, he said he doesn't like the Constitution because all it says is what the government CAN'T do, so why should we expect him to follow it?)

So whether or not 0bama hates whites (perfectly conceivable, what with his dysfunctional family and upbringing) he sure doesn't seem to like America.

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Speaking of "daddy issues", 0bama has the potential for more "daddy issues" than most people in Hollywood: A father who abandoned him, a step-father who abandoned him, a mother who abandoned, grandparents who raised him, a Communist child predator who mentored him.

And for some reason we accept him as a well-developed mature rational human with virtually no mental disabilities.