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Thank you Ruth, I appreciate your kind words!

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Thanks to Alan Cross and fellow contributor Nathalia Ribiero for a reciprocating link and some great communication. Check out our plug here:

And check out !

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Upon writing this blog, I learned that due to copyright laws, The Ongoing History has been asked to stop streaming archived shows. These shows contain a lot of music and owned material that is okay for radio play but not for online streaming. I apologize for getting anyone excited about listening to shows, the transcripts ARE STILL AVAILABLE for reading. Check out a message from Alan on the ongoing history homepage here regarding this issues ....

They are working to correct the issue and re-allow the availability, until then, Ongoing History still offers Past Transcripts, Daily Podcasts, and Alan's Music Geek Blog. All of which offer a wealth of information.

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Good leaders are enablers. Throughout this campaign I have held fast to the idea that Barrack Obama is an inspiration to the some of the most devastated people in America, and the World over for that matter. Although I would never trivialize the importance of policy choice and Congressional interface, enabling a population to forget fear and push forward is what will bring them out of this dismal state. Bringing ourselves out of a depressed mode does not come via the act of sitting back and waiting for control to be taken, but by taking the initiative and working the problems.

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I see some Napolean Hill in those suggestions...haha...good read...Happy New Year to all

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check out this video about food. It touches on the concept of "locavore"-eating only locally grown food among many other food related topics :