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So does this law extend the cross walk to any part of the street or do people still need to cross streets at indicted cross walks or within 20 feet of intersections marked or unmarked?

I can't stand how people cross busy streets nowhere near a legal cross walk. I also get angry when people driving cars suddenly stop in the middle of a busy street to allow people to cross illegally as well.

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Her get up is no worse than what I found on page 9.

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Wow. That totally sucks.

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"The newspaper required a driver's license, so Vargas said his network of mentors helped him get one from Oregon, which has less stringent requirements than some other states."

This is why we need to continue to verify people are United States citizens before handing out driver's licenses.

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I know people who rely on Wikipedia for most of their every day information inquiries. The scary part of this reliance on Wikipedia is that if the site allows multiple people to edit articles of information, a reader would never realize that information is being changed to reflect the ideas of other people and not the facts.

I don't care if Palin is right or wrong, I worry about how history could be rewritten so easily on the internet.

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I challenge minority parents to take more active roles in raising their kids. Good solid parenting is the fix, not some stupid city department that will only waste more city funds.

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I am starting to see stories on the net about the hacker putting up about 2 million stolen credit card numbers for sale. Have no idea if this is true or not.

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Completely agree with you on that one. It's all about ratings and not the news. Once the media picks up on a story that causes the masses of sheeple to visit their web sites and read their papers, they run with it until we are ready to puke from hearing it all.

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Guess you better start taking your iodine and salt pills. While you are at it, bury yourself under a rock as well for total protection from the fallout.

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Let the Europeans and Arab countries carry out the strikes. We should just provide Intel and logistics support.

Less ammo for the other countries of the world to accuse the US of bombing more Muslims.