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Remember that girl with the pink backpack? Yeah that girl talked to me about the whole Shinto thing back when I first went out with that yoga instructor on the blind date. Before I had to kill her and dump the body behind super cuts b/c omg what a hippie but anyway. Pink backpack is Helen's girlfriend from work and Helen told me she's def Shinto. And she's like Irish lmao.

You know what I wanna read up on? That Wiccatru, I wanna know how the hell that shit works. I don't get how a Wiccan can be Asatru, because fuck who'd want to be Asatru rofl! Nah I kid, I kid. They just seem like oil and water in their ideology is what I'm saying. Theology wouldn't be real different if it wasn't for that weird race thing and the Wiccans being like goth flower children. Gonna be glad when that's over. The 80s and 90s were hell and now we got some decent Wiccans which is fucking awesome.

I love that you're still calling Tori 'Pink Backpack' even though you know her name, lol. I don't know her well but I knew she was Shinto.

Wiccatru bugs me, but to each his own I suppose. Folkish Odinism is way worse than Univeralism, just in my opinion. They're both extremist bastardized versions of Odinism, but Folkism is drenched in such heavy racism and ignorance that it may as well be a branch of Baptist, lol.

Yeah we do have some pretty amazing Wiccans now, but it took forever for that to happen. What's funny to watch now is the conservative Wicca movement, because that's shooting themselves in the foot. Of course they must know that if they drag us with them and make things worse for us we'll have to do something about it.

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This is a good link for them how stupid christians are about everything.

That's a good one, actually! I may learn a thing or two from that one. Shinto interests me but I've never looked into it so deeply that I feel confidant answering more than one or two questions about it.

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Have you seen this? I'm still reading their comments, they're retarded. Here it is: "You expect us to believe you are a jew that practices Odinism?!? That is like a Swede practicing Shintoism! " Um, have you ever heard or Wodenshund you douchebag? Plus lots of people are Shinto, you don't have to be Japanese. Fuck, man. I'm a Jew that practices Odinsim, not all Odinists are fucking conservative racists ... this guy obviously is, though.

Hell yes, no more Glenn Beck! Naw, he will probably end up taking over for Regis haaaah. Stewart's impression is pretty close, even with the licking the glasses thing. It's like barely satire, man.

Lol I think everything they know about Odism comes from something stupid Mel Gibson said when he was trying to cover his ass. Folkishness is so weird and bastardized, but let them think what they want. Thor knows they don't care about facts or the truth, they just want to whine and cry, and kick their little feet. I can't believe they're still commenting so long after I've left, don't they have something constructive to do? Like persecute some brown people or burn the original bible or something.

They don't know anything about religion, not even their own. So how can I expect them to know anything about mine? I also would like to know what race has to do with Shinto, though. It's indigenous-ish, so of course those who practice it tend to be Japanese and it does elevate the people of Japan in it's beliefs, but I've known a few Caucasian American and Canadian men and several women, not including that friend of yours you were telling me about, who all practice Shinto and haven't heard any of my Japanese friends say anything about it. You lived in Japan, have you ever heard anyone say anything negative about non Japanese practicing Shinto?

Still, though, we're moving on - and talking about Glenn Beck and Jon Stewart, lol. If they want to start shit with me, hell they're welcome to come comment. ;)

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lol @ how none of the fundies have read atlas shrugged but they defend it anyway. they would probably chuck it into the fireplace if they realized what it was about.

At some point this whole thing needs to die, lol. It's not like I haven't worked with people like this before, but the fun thing about what they think is internet anonymity is it gives them license to behave like 12 year old kids. Not to get all school yard on them, or anything, but generally this kind of behavior should be handled by the principal lol.

But the next topic is way more fun, also having to do with conservatives but it's just because the video's funny. :P

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She probably will end up going all monkey bone about it, that kind usually does. Dude, I just saw that the fundies marked you down 4 points for thanking someone for being nice. Talk about being vindictive little bitches!

Sorry, didn't mean to ignore you there. I'm at work and I got caught up. We're moving the Raffies website to a server that's a bit more stable, since the one she chose that was 'such a good deal' and had 'unlimited everything' (which doesn't exist, but whatever) was down so much this week that it got maybe 20 unique hits altogether. And it usually gets a few hundred a day. Not a ton, but enough to know there was something wrong.

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#8 Holy SHIT! Wtf did they intend to film? I submit that they knew that was going to happen and have a black market for that kind of thing.

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It happens. Your mom scares me. I listen in to her uber conservie radio show on sunday and every time I end up on top of a water tower with a rifle, yelling my demands into a helicopter-dropped cell phone. They never press charges, though. ;)

LOL. If I were going to be completely honest, I just really don't want to work with her anymore, anyway. I still have to in some respects, but on this? I don't know that it's healthy for either of us. We already live in the same small town, do we have to work together, too? She seems to think so.

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This is a little far to go to punish someone, even if he does produce Oprah.

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Hey I'm with you girl. What a world. If you're not working with republicans anymore you better call your mom and let her know you're going back to web development, or what have you. Otherwise she's gonna expect you bright eyed and bushy tailed.

I'm seriously considering going back into full time development. I may start making left-wing wordpress themes to help out anyone wanting to get their views on the web, but that wouldn't be a career move I'd be doing it for free.

She's going to be ticked, but she's a conservative - when is she NOT ticked?