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Except that there is plenty of harmless tech out there that is still being held secret. Example, if safety in cars is such a big issue then WHY aren't all cars mandatied with HUD's (Heads up displays) still classified, like night vision, terrian avoidence, blah blah blah.... Or burning out prostate cancer with ultrasound....

Backscatter scanners have been out for decades and didn't come out of government classified programs. Old tech new use

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Want to solve the ECONOMY IN ONE MOVE?!?!?!?! RELEASE ALL THE CLASSIFED TECHNOLOGY TO THE CIVILIAN MARKET!!!! THese black projects are stunting the growth of human knowledge, destroying our technological advantage in buisness, and generally repressing the progress of the human race. Yeah the black bird built in the 1960's with 1950's technology is still the fastest plane in the worlds....RELEASE THE TECHNOLOGY AND SOLVE THE ECONOMY!

What ignorant fools to think the government would allow us to know what they have, if they release this it means they are 5-10 generations ahead ALREADY. New Physics to easy to weaponize the little people can't know it. If I could give everyone in the world a nuclear reactor the size of your cell phone COULD I GIVE IT TO EVERYONE?

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Laugh at jokes muslims threaten to blow you up
Sing songs muslims threaten to blow you up
draw pictures muslims threaten to blow you up
Live muslims threaten to blow you up
die muslims threaten to blow you up
SO WHY AGAIN ARE WE GIVING A @$&(##%@ %!#%$@% WHAT A MUSLIM THINKS? They just want you DEAD!

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So how does that hold true for the islamic cities in the usa?? The federal goverment admits they are no-go zones and are only being ruled by islamic laws Upstate new york, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia don't seem to be harsh of terrain.

How abotu a different theory harsh terrain keeps the people primative and less likely to accept outside influences and rules. Thumbs up bro though....

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Chelse Clinton fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, then the stupid bush fell on her...

Gore children well Nuff said they are related to Al Gore we should pity them....

Obama children are racist bigots that couldn't get into a good school unless their father and their skin color proceed them. HELL Obama couldn't get around unless his skin color proceeds him too...

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That is great, giving away nukes to encourage peace.... National security force base a parris island Nation of ISLAM...>HAHAHA

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How much do you really pay in taxes? My income is taxed, my employer is taxed for employing me, my purchases are taxed, the services I use are taxed, the property I own is taxed, the intrest off savings is taxed, when I withdraw my savings it is taxed, when I die it is taxed...... You don't own your own work, you don't own your own actions, you aren't even allowed to own your own health anymore! This tryanny of the federal government needas to be torn down and replaced with the republic it was suppose to be. The REPUBLIC HAS BEEN RE-ORGINIZED INTO THE FIRST GALATIC EMPIRE! and you are nothing but a wage slave to the government at all levels.... City taxes, County taxes, State taxes, and Federal taxes....What is next WOLRD TAXES.....

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Because neither side is really for shrinking government same side of the same coin, the system itself is a self-perpetuating bureaucracy that feeds itself and grows itself. While the private sector shrinks in hard times, government continues to expand and expands quicker the hard times become. Every recession or depression the government has expanded faster than the private sector does during the so called boom times.

Limited government is a joke in this environment and trying to stop the march of this levithean will get you nothing but run over by the wheels of the machine. Both parties are pushing the machine forward just at different speeds, where is liberty, where is freedom only where the two parties say it is, and only where the government tells you that you can be free. HELL even the oceans aren't free anymore....International law

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yup has nothing to do with the giant technological base that fuels their economy....Digital xray was developed by Israel along with reverse trajectory radar systems,.....

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Small inflatable boats weren't considered a threat at the time, and even when they approached, as they had earlier that very month, they were not met with force but warnings. Most of the guards on deck were not heavily armed and had to call the bridge for permission to shoot. Taking a small boat at full speed even the sharpest eyed and witted sailor would still have a few minutes before they could respond with force to stop the approach. Those waters are filled with so many variety of ships and fishing vessels that one blends in until the final attack run is made.