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I've been tempted to try the game. Glad to see ThinkHero has a review. My fear was that it would be just like BigPoint's Dark-orbit game. Which reading these comments makes me think it is, just with a 3D interface instead of 2d. I like dark-orbit, but it too is ruled by the people with cash to spend. There are ways to get equal with other people without cash but it takes a really long time. The Game play still sounds like more fun so i guess i'll have to give it a try.

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Specially Loki's. It Be-ith Totally-ith Awesome-ith. Wow that's kinda hard to say.

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Wait, it's a Reboot and not a prequel? i don't know if i like that as much.

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It looks cool. I still don't know if i'm going to be able buy Chris Evans as a Cap, but he might be able to pull it off. Are they still planning on rebooting Fanatastic 4?

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Twice they have turned out epic look trailers that result in crappy movies. Fool me once, Shame on you. Fool me three times and i'm just a moron. I'm really trying to not let this (or the last) trailer get me pumped. Though Bay's apology for the last movie is making it a loosing battle.

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The First 2 were great. I actually liked the 3rd one (maybe cause i always hated Cyclops). It had its issue but i didn't think it was bad.
The 4th one was just such a let down. I may have just over hyped it in my head because it had almost all of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe in it, and messed most of them up. And the story sucked. It should have been such a great story and they just made it lame as hell. Less Ryan Reynolds, the dialogue mostly sucked. When i first watched it, i didn't mind it as much, but it's one of the movies i hate more and more every time I watch it. It really just should have focused on Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Maverick. It didn't need Blob, Bolt, Cyclops, Gambit, emma frost(?), and as much as i love him, Deadpool. I mean he was the ONE character they could have forced in there and made himwork really well, but they messed him up good. I can see Silverfox and Wraith cause they're in the original story. But the other ones cluttered it up. Maybe made the movie 20 minutes longer too so they could have told the story right.
And yet i don't hate 3.

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Well it looks better then i thought it might be, but still, nothing about this trailer makes me want to stand in a line and pay $10 to see it. I'll wait to rent it for $1.50 from the Redbox. It might actually be interesting, but none of the characters in this movie are really all the interesting. I'm gonna predict, that unless it gets great reviews, this is going to be a major boxoffice flop

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Yeah, he does look way to young. Then again, the whole movie looks lame. I just don't think it's going to do well at all. Nobody really cares about Magneto or Professor X, or any of these other Jabronies. They are all 2nd and 3rd tier characters. And why is Beast the only member from the actual first class of X-men in this. Hell they have Havok, but not his old brother Cyclops? I predict Massive FAIL at the Box Office. Will the movie be any good? don't know.

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modern family for best comedy (though i think HIMYM deserves it more.)
Both Coach and Mrs Coach for best Actor/ess in a Drama
NPH for best supporting actor in a comedy.

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I think it looks cool, just wish the Human Torch wasn't playing him. I really like Chris Evans as an actor, i just don't think he's right for the role. Specially since he was already Johnny Storm.... and Yet i'm fine with Ryan Reynolds being both Hannibal King and Deadpool.