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Once again, I notice here and on the National Day of Prayer 'Blogs" that there are numerous comments automatically identifying the Principle "God is the Center" of My Life as Christian specific. Please note for accuracy, that Jesus Christ is not mentioned on the 9 Priniciples and God by many names includes Allah (Muslim/Islam) and Jehovah (Jewish) among others. Again, for accuracy, note that the Founding basis of our country, Freedom of Religion was meant to include ALL religions, not just Christian, Jewish, Muslim as well, and includes the same freedoms not to believe in any entity or higher power so that there are 'inalienable rights' available to all of us. All of us. Believers and Non-believers. Let's try believing in just getting along peacefully and register our preferences and rights by VOTING rather than arguing. Majority wins.

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So, having checked this out, you will note I am of the younger mind, try new things, and somewhat giddy tech generation, it has been a whirlwind since the first Radio Shack Tandy Computer back in 1982! So I have survived pretty much by ability to read manuals in complete English language. A possible thumbs up for me would be have some posting, somewhere with a little more "detail" for the old girl, hey? Not a lot, a few succinct sentences with a graphic or two? So far I personally know only a few feathered friends that twitter-but understand the tech concept, etc.