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As a Jew, I believe the only solution to this is to kill all Muslim men and make Muslim women sex slaves of all Jewish men age 13 and up.

Thank you. Oh and f*ck Jesus

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Who should Pakistan choose: the boy raping drug warlords of Afghanistan that Obama loves or the Taliban? Difficult decision but at least the Taliban don't rape little boys. I wonder if Obama likes little boys because of this.

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Israel should never have been created in the first place.

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Ah so that's why there have Supreme Court Justices in Pakistan who are Hindu and Christian.

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There is nothing wrong with supporting terrorism against Americans who are occupying Muslim countries. In fact it is promoted by

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As a Muslim, I'm not surprised at all that this happened. Now, when incidents like this happen, I don't hope that the perpetrator is not a Muslim, (because he will be). I just hope that the perp doesn't have the same name as mine. This time he didn't. Yaay!

Anyways, the posters here are being to harsh on Raimondo. He's right about Muslims here getting angry and it will happen. He does get a little paranoid with the whole "sleeper cell" scenario. Me, I'm too high on pot most of the time, so I'm too lazy to do anything. Oh and Allah bless America. Really.

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Isn't Ralph Peters a crazy Christian fundamentalist who wants a genocide of all Muslim peoples? Has he come around?

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Great article, but so sorry, the majority of Iranians IN Iran support Ahmadinejad according to a new poll conducted by WPO As for the Iranians in America, their opinions are irrelevant.

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Why does J-street support sanctions against Iran and doesn't want Iran to enrinch uranium?

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Islamo-gangstas? Hahaha! At least that sounds so much better than islamofacists.