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Wow - I was talking to a friend over the weekend about this TEDx talk and have since (re) tracked down Mr Henderson to the following places: and here:

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Mainly the ability to attach anything... I read a bit on public transport and like to be able to flick interesting looking links to an email address for later review, I do whiteboard sessions which end up being photographed with the camera phone and getting posted int he same way, as well as the multiple notebooks, tagging for tasks and - well, if someone buys me an Android or an iPhone I'd be able to comment more on the other mobile functionality... I should really get a couple of friends of mine to guest post on their experience...

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Oh ouch! I've been there too in a previous job where notebooks weren't backed up and we had a hard drive crash. While it's hard to put a price on the IP/Data which would otherwise be lost, it's still a bitter pill to swallow.
Since writing this post all those years ago, I've tried a number of options at home and am currently settled on CrashPlan on the devices, backing up to a large shared drive, a monthly sync of the CrashPlan backups to 'the cloud' (bandwidth isn;t cheap in NZ) along with a weekly USB hard drive dump which I keep offsite. Hardly seemless, but it's working.

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Hey great to hear it's been a useful article for you :)
I'd love to see you link back with a rundown of your off-grid setup, I was just discussing domestic generation grids yesterday with someone who is investigating 'smart devices' in terms of efficiencies gained by generating where the need is, rather than 100s of kilometers away, and transporting the power up big ugly lines, with all the loss which occurs along the way.

Oh - and if you can convince my wife to let us build a house from the ground up and let me do an off grid system with it, I'll buy you a beer or three :)

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No thanks - I've found hacks (or attempts) to be as time consuming as they are annoying.

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Hey there Andrew, I ended up sourcing mine via PB Technologies ( ) however I've also sourced EEE chargers from - be prepared for things to fall into a black hole until the item arrives via post from China however - but they have been quicker (and cheaper) than sourcing items locally on a few occasions. After the second day of leaving my charger at home I'm also keen on a second unit to keep here :)

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Hmm - good questions Paul. Yes the transmitter box is battery powered (should have mentioned that, sorry). There's no direct voltage connection made between the transmitter and the power box, the clamp measures the current passing through the house feed cable and sends that via the transmitter to the display unit (which in turn downloads the figure every 6ish seconds to the software on the PC, which uploads the average every 10 minutes to GPM...)
Really not sure on the power factor / real power question, you can attach additional clamps to specific appliances (like a heat pump / clothes dryer) and assign that to one of the appliance slots on the display unit. I'd suggest trying the manufacturer as a starting point for more specifics, as mentioned in the article, there's a surprisingly active community around these devices too so someone there may be able to help? Try

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Thanks for that Ryan - I'm interested at how well the device has gone across in the Western island... I've found a few places there selling these (and similar) devices. As I say in the article, it will be interesting to see how the market here adopts real-time monitoring.

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Thanks! :)
Pachube is also supported - there's a surprisingly active community around building applications for the meter - I'm almost tempted to grab the feed myself and write my own app... almost. Now if someone could point me to a Media Center plugin, I could then get the kids to keep an eye on the power use without having to furnish them with fulltime PC access :)

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Yep - well, you can buy additional clamps to handle the 3 phase supply (and solar), and GPM is certainly not the only software out there... I'm currently looking at a couple of other ones which allow far more flexibility (but obviously require more configuration) - I'm just trying to avoid losing history as I switch between the two so need to get a serial visualisation tool on there so I can duplicate the data coming in to another 'virtual' COM port for the alternate software to work from.