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That's OK if this make them happy then go right ahead. I have some stale mangoes in my fridge. Taste good too.!.

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Hi my Dear Lorref, my comment don't stay on the Comment Board anymore, well when you check your email we will continue our conversation pertaining to Beautiful Mrs. C. Ugliness is a sin. Both First Ladies are extremely Beautiful.

Have a great Day.

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The one who wore no under garment, everybody on Henry Street saw her boom. Boom. Well look who is really talking,

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Good Morning Good to hear from you.!. As you know I don't partake in dragging down a woman to the gutter, as I always stated women Lean and we come right back up, the Lack of respect for women and children in this place sadden my Heart.

Look who is throwing rocks, just think about this, as I said everything is a JOKE. What about all the achievements Mrs C. Attained. That you have eloquently described, This woman could stand tall and proud even when she is sleeping. Trinidadians should be proud of the President and his Beautiful wife and family.

Over the years I have soon realized that Most Trinis love to engage in crab in basket war and nothing good,

It like never hugging your child and saying son you are beautiful or daughter you are beautiful. So my friend I support you. And I am grateful you notice my 4 words comment.

Be cool.

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Thank you Roke.!.

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Good Morning. Wifeof_Medal. It is the truth each year his antics gets better, from dying to surviving and his first meal ( was ) eating a stale long mango, that was in the fridge for a whole darn year. You think Dr. K easy. Have a good Day.!.

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Good Evening Snagge. How are you. Nothing has changed here, a set off enablers. Have a Good Evening.......

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It is unprofessional, not in this matter, young people need to be taught examples too.. so in the near future they don't make the same mistakes, there should be No joking around after assaulting 2 Law Enforcement Officers.

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Lol glad to be back. I just return from a Long Vacation. However the same day I arrived to my Destintion, I received the Worst Phone call a mother could receive from her child. My Daughter called me In her emptiness I knew it was death. I couldn't understand her until some else came to the Phone. My Baby is a State Police Officer, just got off from work, turning off the main stree to go in her block, she saw a man with a big gun, call it in, as she was parking her car her phone rang it was Police Emergency Team calling her to verify the corner, she told them, the next call came to her Phone hurry and come her Husband was shot, by the same man with the gun. Well my Son in Law Anthony Succumbed in my Daughter hands.

Like I always stated on this Forum we never know when murder will come knocking at our doors.

Well our family had the Support of Law Enforcement. So on, the Killer is yet to Be Apprehended. It was a random shooting, Law Enforcement have good leads. And the coward empty belly heartless, gutless, spineless cold blooded Killer will be Apprehended.

Folks couldn't believed that the very same cruel life altering actions that I so Rally against came knocking at my door. My Daughter is holding up and the State Police Department, took real good care of her, and my 2 Glamsons received The Scolaship Funds. And a personal check, so on. I would have rather them to have their dad. Peace and Love.

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I cannot understand when on Earth these empty head people will get it in their heads that this is 2014 and not 1901.!. hurting, or causing harm endangering the Welfare of a minor in any way which possible is against the ( Law ). .leaving a baby in a hot car is absolutely a no, no, folks think they could do what the hell they want.!. the Law here and everywhere.!. Is.!. you cannot leave a Dog in a hot car, fearless for a Baby.

This man need a bull pistle.