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I remember a few years ago, the rumour was that a crossover of 24 and Spooks would be made.

This looks like the partial result.

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It is de-facto integrated, however a school which labels itself as one thing or the other is always going to put off some from the 'other' side sending their kids there.

An officially integrated school is not going to have any stigma for anyone.

"What you are applauding is the removal of the succesful catholic ethos. " - I did not whatsoever. In fact, I think Catholic schools are very successful, certainly most school-leavers from Catholic schools leave with qualifications. Conversely, many pupils in non-grammar state schools in my experience tend to use ignorance and lack of education as a badge of pride.

I do think that religion and education should be separate though. The dogma a person or their family choose to follow (usually based on the choices their ancestors made) on a Sunday morning should not interfere with methods of learning.

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I wish more schools would take this brave step.

How can we foster a truly normal society when we segregate our kids at the point when they form friendships, opinion and education about the world around them?

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Whatabout whatabout whatabout whatabout whatabout etc. etc.

We're talking about people's HOMES here, where they should feel secure.

Enough of the bloody whataboutery, sick of hearing it!!

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Agree with stewrogers, NI seems to lurch from crisis to crisis, every new issue ripping another layer of veneer off the facade that Stormont is full of shiny happy people.

If anything, it exposes the dire need for some sort of process for dealing with the past.

A lot occurred on these islands over the last 50 years, to shine over it isn't the right tack to take, however many would argue that the situation of the past was different to the present.

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" The show ... was dropped in 2009 when ITV decided not to continue with the series after more than 30 years.

Bragg - who also sits in the House of Lords - later said he was ''baffled'' by the decision to axe the show. "

ITV dropping arts programme shocker?
Perhaps it if had been some trashy Kyle spinoff, or Cowell pre-scouted talent 'contest', it would've been signed up for another 30 years.
ITV has gone down the pot. Which is sad for UTV, which relies heavily on the London station.

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Good point.
Not sure what factors would be at play here then?

Maybe when it is getting busy, it is quicker for barstaff to turnaround orders with spirits/bottles than pouring pints (especially Guinness!)?

Safety re: glass is usually got around by using plastic 'glasses'.

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Surely the stopping of serving beer after a certain time is to do with licencing laws?

Clear spirits are just water, and with a mixer, indistinguishable from soft drinks unless tasted (which the authorities supposedly can't do), so I've heard....

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The big winner yet again is sectarian politics.
Not good reading for the 'neutral' parties.

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On Another News Outlet, Foster claimed that tourists who were in Limavady, Markethill or Larne can enjoy the festivities.

I was thinking - $Deity help any tourist who finds themselves in any of those places!
Run! Run and don't look back!