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Well I have had a lot of problems finding out their actual cap space. The only resource I found listed them in negative space which cannot be correct. The claim to have the space comes straight from the horse's mouth (Burke). I transcribed a Leafs Lunch he conducted where he said they have both budget and cap space. I assume he is not wrong.


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I think Hall + Eberle would put the Oilers on the fast track for a new dynasty. As of this writing they are only 2 points out of last, playing Dubnyk should do the trick.

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And now you guys can BOTH see all the same work from the best free fantasy hockey resource, DailyFaceoff.com.

Don't forget to see all my new work there, or you can come here and click the link on the side, as you always did before.


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Glad I can help!

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I like this matchup a lot for Price as well.

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No confirmation yet. Tomorrow will be back-to-back so really its anybody's guess at this point. I would lean towards Huet since tonight's game is a divisional rival, however nothing is confirmed as of yet. I assume it will be before the game's 8PM EST start time.

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Hi Jim,

No word as of yet, considering the game is a 9:30 start time morning skate will be a little later than usual.

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Hi Dan,

I think it has something to do with LTIR offering cap relief while regular IR does not. Considering most teams do not carry the maximum 23 roster spots, it isn\'t necessary to place a player on IR unless the spot is needed. IN addition, Yahoo! is notorious for not putting a player on IR with hockey, which stinks considering they usually are on point with Baseball and Football. That is my best stab at it, and yes it stinks :)