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The SPLC has what they call "Mix it up" days in public schools whereby kids/white kids that is. are made to sit by others/blacks kids, as a way of getting out of their 'comfort zones'! And here, you have this guy making a point of being comfortable only around those who 'looks like him'. This mentality is totally unexceptable coming from Whites, but apparently it's 'ok' coming from Blacks!

This is just more of the typical racial double standard.

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Whether one wishes to argue the pro and cons of Collectivism and Individualism from a political or historical point of view, we must gain our ultimate nationalist goal through political solidarity.

We see how extreme individualism has destroyed whatever merits the Libertarian Party may have, and we've see the Collective nature of Communist Party's throughtout the world and in world history, but I don't think we should mistake socialist/collectivist ideologies with the necessity of the sort of 'solidarity' that American citizens need today in order to restore some semblance of sanity back to our country.

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I agree with you almost 100% Jim, and there were many good things related to the U.S.A of the 1950's, but this time let's not make the mistakes of those misguided people of the 1950's, by tolerating the insideous Leftest agenda that's gotten us into the mess we see ourselves in today.
I think that this is what makes the American Freedom Party unique in that we have learned from the mistakes of both main political party's and it's time to create a true American Nationalist party

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I am so happy to see Mr. Miller carrying the name A3P, so far and wide in his many travels and interviews.

One day the 'American Third Position 'will be as well known as the Democrat and Republican Parties!

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There's usually some risk when trying to do the right thing! I can appreciate the bravery of these guys in trying to do 'Something' as opposed to doing 'Nothing'!

When 'Thugs; know that these people might not be as easily pushed around as defenseless females, maybe they'll think twice about committing any violence against these patrols.

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Harry Bertram is a true American Patriot and I wish him well!

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I so happy to see that the meeting came off so well. Having to overcome the many obstacles put in the organizers way ,reveals great commitment to our cause, and a message to those who would prevent or disrupt such events, that their day of preventing people from hearing the truth, is 'OVER'!

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That's great news Samuel! Glad to have you aboard!

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These anti-White protesters reveals just how fragile our so-called right of Free Speech is in this country.

Mr. Taylor is a courageous man and an inspiration to all American patriots!

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Matthew's a great patriot and activist!