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Had the same issue on my blog, switches to Disquss, never looked back. Plus I find showing Twitter feedback alongside the comments to be a nice feature that ID just doesn't offer.

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This is sounding oh so much like me right now. The main issue I have is that what I do in my limited time is seriously not interesting (mainly keeping my accounts funded on PLEX) so the blog is suffering too. Being a big perfectionist, that leaves me feeling guilty and useless. While EVE is a casual-friendly game, there are indeed certain aspects of the game that require you to be able to be online for X time or do them x number a week. I've been doing a lot of single player gaming on the side but even with things like Steam that does get lonely after a while.

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Good to hear from you again, and best of luck with life.

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A good leader doesn't just know only how to start, but also how to quit. You're a winner in my eyes, Rixx.

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Get up earlier? Now you're just sounding like my family. Got a point there though. Thanks for the answer.

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I suggested on FB that people interested in keeping it running may chip in to pay for the hosting or offer a new host for it. if interested, maybe you and possibly also Stan can rally some people for it? I've never really used it myself, but I can see why people found it helpful.

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Soon, hats will become a thing of the past, treasured by bitter and not so bitter vets, who like to show off their age and uniqueness by keeping their Twitter avatar as it was pimped, forever.

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Good luck Mynxee, you know where to find me :D And very nice of you to pass the character to a friend. Thumbs up for awesomeness.

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Ah, they informed me that a member of staff had left when I asked them about the lack of communication, guess that was you then. I mailed for an address change, as well as to ask about the lack of updates. The response was that a replacement has been found and things should return as normal soon. I'll edit my post.

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Hahaha, nice. But what about the lady pirates, mhm?