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Hi Melissa,

This one is more of a carnival. Everyone adds a post on a given topic to the host\'s list and s/he collect them all as one post.

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I am fascinated by it and am anxious for Ms. C to pick it up from the coffee table. It is paired with a galley of Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down, which I also love. Horace is a sweet little book. Horace is a spotted cat in a family of striped cats, and he wants to be with a family that looks like him, only to discover he is right where he belongs.

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I'm probably the only person who hasn't read Harry Potter, but your point on why kids need "popular" books hit home. The more we can get kids to "talk up" books the more they'll go looking to read them. I'd love a reading partner, too!

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I felt the same way about the 10th anniversary when I saw it. Where does the time go? Alas, we probably won't meet that weekend ... I will likely be celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary. My husband and my mom (babysitter) are conniving. I mean planning!

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Oh my word, Susan! We MUST have been separated at birth and then transported to different continents. This is so amazing! It is time to start calling you Auntie Susan for all the doting you offer Miss Catherine!

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It has been a wonderful experience, and one I highly recommend. This is the third summer that Catherine has done the summer reading club, and being able to share it with a friend has actually added incentive to her reading. It is so interesting to me how "different" peer reading is when it's summer v. when they're in school.

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If I were in the library they would drive me crazy, but I loved those things as a kid! I'm betting it came in our "giant cheap prize pack" too. We've done tattoos and little bugs you clip to your clothes so far. It's always fun to see what's in store!

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Any time Mary lee, I am a HUGE fan of your mosaics. It was so great to see so many of my KidLitCon friends. I just wish it were less like a wedding and we all had more time to just chat and catch up. Hope it was a great conference for you.

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That would be great Pam. It all so exciting to me. I LOVE the Seven Chinese Sisters ... and Grace, too, of course. But I\'m heading back to Cville Monday morning. Would it be too tacky/fan-girlish to take a couple books of DC-Kidlit authors with me?! It\'s like getting a yearbook signed at the prom.

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