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Mainstream media is indeed something to be questioned, and one has to ask if they spend the majority of their time producing information or disinformation. Follow the money, discover who owns mainstream media, and you'll have your answer.

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An excellent place to start this initiative is on Also, I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

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That's a key point in American history, Anchovy; not only are corporations "viewed" as citizens, but actually have the same legal status and protection as citizens. This is the historical crossroads covered well in the documentary, "The Corporation." If you have not seen it you should.

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Timing is a factor as well, as many people feel that commercial real estate has not even begun to implode yet. There will indeed be fire sale prices, though.

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Anyone who disagrees with their tax dollars being utilized to bail out a mismanaged company wants GM to go through the same process that any other mismanaged, failing company (or individual) must go through - bankruptcy and reorganization.

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I see plenty of facts in the article. What facts do you have to refute those that were presented?

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Sweet. Way more fun than CNBC's version.

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You can't separate emotions from economics, at least not until the robots take over. Euphoria drives the bubbles up beyond their normal target, and panic deflates them more painfully than is necessary. These boom and burst cycles are normal, but yes you are probably right that emotion warps them into the much larger problems that we are dealing with now.

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And after we all nuke one another, the cockroaches remaining will still be forex trading.