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I would think that everyone would know about loan calculators.

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These cricket videos are very good.

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Awesome Recording Studio

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According to recent news, interest rates are beginning to rise; so, the refinancing option may not seem all that great. Here are other types of refinancing options home owners can use;

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It is a shame that mortgage rates are on the rise again. For people with homes already, refinancing could be more difficult now that interest rates are going up. Cash-out financing could be an option down the road. Learn about this method of refinancing here

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A good reason to finance is here

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The Modern world is witnessing history in the making with all these gigantic earthquakes and their devastation all over the world, Haiti, China, Chile, USA. With all these huge quakes happening every few months, the most provocative one of them all is the one that hit Chile. This one caused damage to the earth axis; Can anyone imagine that? Unbelievable!

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Great information on earthquake preparedness. Many of us don't even think of preparing ourselves for the unthinkable, but as the article implies, it can be the difference between serious injuries and walking away without a scratch; The effect of an earthquake is so devastating that it also affects the earth's rotation

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Mother Earth is on a rampage; when its not floods, tsunamis, volcanoes, its Massive earthquakes. I was recently reading an article about the damage that the Chile earthquake did to the earth's axis; when is all this carnage going to stop?