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That's not very nice commentor above. I think Josh was as helpful as he could be given the situation. I wish him well, even though I don't know him personally. I just hope Intense Debate carries on in his absence.

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Some issues:

1. When deleting comments from my blog in the Comment History section they still remain when looking in the Overview section of the Dashboard. Would be nice if we could delete them entirely.

2. There is no button to save the options if you try to change anything on your Settings page. I'm trying to change it so that my comments have to be moderated but after checking, I find no option to save.

3. I gave myself an anonymous comment earlier (by logging out of Intense Debate) which you can see here:

The one from "Bob". I see no way in the Dashboard to delete this test entry.

Please help. Thanks!

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How about support for Gallery - I am integrating Word Press and Gallery right now and it would be awesome if I could have a uniform commenting system (i.e. Intense Debate) across both of them.

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We gotta keep replying. If for no other reason than because, well, maybe it's keeping the earth from splitting in two?

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Very cool. I'm really digging this intensedebate comment system. I fully intend on integrating in to my blog. :)