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they will hire a consultant at 250, as usual I see

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True but if and I say again if someone really was walking in the road or jumped out in front of a car doing 70mph there isnt anything that driver could do.......but they still should have stopped and I bet they wouldnt have gotten into any trouble had they stopped if it was an accident

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I actually went by this 20 minutes after it happened. There was a piece of a bumper or some car piece on the interstate I think and a bunch of people looking in the ditch on the north side of the interstate which I presume was where the body ended up.

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and FEMA money isnt from tax payers?

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Riverside Casino is already complaining and worried about paying more.....the casino might not even be viable they

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oh then you are really in trouble if you live there in the future

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Thats more like it....people need to realize what this was going to be wasnt like they have in Europe, man I got tired of hearing that line. This technology lacking system topped out at what, 75 mph and I bet it never even would have gotten close to those speeds so your 3 hour trip by car is a 5 hour trip by train.

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well put....there really wasnt much that changed on January 1st but the media is making you think a lot did

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was it a CRST person/driver??.....those people are always walking everywhere down there

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the Big 10 has some nice bowl agreements....the Big 12 not so much