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I am there... and looking forward to it.

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Truthfully it's not really about what we think at a time when lives are at stake. For anyone person to criticize the means by which a song was made, who made it or who used what element makes them sell i.e. autotune, is small. It definitely shows the morales of character in time of disaster. I hope that people feel the seriousness of whats happening and looking at it as a tall tale sign that this could one day be us, while we live on a fault line ourselves. When it does happen, I am not going to care who does the song, or who used what to make it, just as long as someone comes in my time of need. So I strive to do right by myself, and by my never know when one day you might be i need of someone.

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Glad ya had a good time...sometjing I am going to have to invest in soon....time that is good.