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You inspire me to accept pieces of myself and of life and I just realized for the four thousand and forty-fifth time why life has a way of it's own ... these little moments are BIG. All connected together they create ripples of good.

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I love sequels ... also, I love tears of joy. Mia has the world by it's tale. Look how the universe conspired to make sense of the mystery ... of her. And Alaina thank you for being such a star player in everything you do. I'm in awe.

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Lisa D mentioned "weeding techniques" and I'm kind of peaked over hearing more about those. My last date talked so very much about himself in a totally rehearsed way ... I was stunned bored. The most fun I had was in getting dressed for the date.

Seriously Alaina, you could show up in what you wear on laundry day.

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I think it's natural and normal to respond to needs for sex ... and I realize how seldom it's relevant to the bigger picture in my life. Take things with a grain of salt and enjoy these moments in life. If I'm attracted to someone I am. Making it a life or death matter steals my joy every time.

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Seriously, I think it's important to mention why Mr. Man failed at some point.

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Don't mention the blog on Tuesday ... glad you thought of that.

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Would it be outlandish to suggest you already know what to do and to look more deeply at what's right for you. The need for attention, approval or love do play a part at these kinds of crossroads ... you can distinguish the differences any time you choose.