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In fact, whereas marxism was wrong about greed of men above all, isn't a corporation exactly a creature designed for profit above anything else? Don't they educate their employees into that "ideology" and reward the leaders heavily - even when they make grave mistakes - as if to underscore the importtance of endless greed above everything else. A person might want some nice house, place, family. But eternal growth of wealth seems too meaningless to most people.

So therefore I would say Grady has a point, even if might be coming to his statements from other angles. It is a problem, when onesided blindness grasp hold of any society.

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Great. And perhaps a flag with a big, black spider.

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I'm not sure any doze of Rothbard would heal Wilson's mind. But some History knowledge might be of help. Also I thought of you, since I feel more and more convinced that diverse libertarian speculations are NOT sufficient to deal with many problems everyone can see today. Because with a constantly growing market (measured in populations dealing with each other) you have a nice economic growth from the fact of better division of labor alone.

So therefore (without anyone seeming to think too much about it) a constant EXPANSION of empire of some sort (growing markets) are supposed to solve any problems. Yeah! So more light brings more to read, and more reading brings forward more inventions. But at some point more light does not make any difference. And at some point a bigger market might run into also more growing control and information collection. More administration. Military alertness. Need for spin. Than any one new customer added.

Now, the growth of derivatives the last decennium has been spectacular! Could be seen not just as a sign of greater wisdom etc., but more importance of being the first and fastest, because the markets get closed down ever faster for any special product. An attitude of "grab the money and run" far remote from visions of Ayn Rand and her entrepreneurs. And it is certainly NOT socialist nonsense, that brought forward the present reality controlled by spin and raw power. So scolding Wilson is to me another error, regardless of any shortcomings of marxist speculations. Like punishing the watch maker for setting the wrong time, when the world is burning.

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That would take men of character. And courage.

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What purpose does your statement , that you find yourself "good-looking" serve? Proof of superiority? I might suggest proof of self-deception and intellectual inferiority! Never saw such idiotiuc "argument" before in my life!

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So you do suggest, that Alan Greenspan, stuffed in his mind with her "premises" was a great thinker or politician? Do you claim that the Brandens were devious even stuffed with your goddess utterances? So that it is NOT sufficient for a person with the right premises? Do you aknowledge that?

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The man is a complete faked creation. Somebody in a spin laboratory probably found, that the voters would move the most from a candidate promising "Change you can believe in". Voila! A political conviction was born! If the spin lab had found "killings and bankruptcy" " he would have promised that - and with greatter truth!

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It seems to me, that even in debates, you Americans introduce the spin factor as something of value. So then some bunch of human robots gives thumb ups or downs to at least attempted reasoning.
The robots just follows some master spider. You really are a joke yourselves too, with such a setup.

For myself I suppose with the above writing I irritate a lot of AR robots. And do they answer with reason? NO! Only with signals. Precisely the opposite also of AR's philosophy. I suggest you remove the possibility of *"signal" debate completely from your website! Send a missile to the signal robots, that they are below human dignity!

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I also became a libertarian at some time. But find it has limits of relevance to many problems. Competition does not design a sound bridge, building, market. Nor does it remove cracky politics or spin. It did not emerge from reason only. It does not rely on that only either. Mrs. Ayn Rand's own biography, especially her marriage, reveals that openly.

And people programmed by her wisdom?

I was in on some courses by Leonard Peikoff. I think one was the seventh version of his "Objectivism". In that version it was above History. But at the same time he discovered etymology, and in the published book the claim of absolute truth had disappeared.

Nathaniel Branden had his own biographical real life problems which proved above "absolute truth".

Alan Greenspan became perhaps the most striking refutation of the premise, that with the rightt ones inside your mind, you become infallible and virtuous, incorruptible, honest or just respectable.

And for the free, self-regulating market itself, doesn't that PRESUPPOSE some sort of accountability for the players? Some laws or guidelines. Some means of enforcing those? Spin seems to me to have failed as another lacking method on the wrecked social road of regulations. For one: when ideas are not honestly presented, they do not get debated, nor the bad ones rejected, nor do the players become wiser of anything.

And the big world developer toolset set to sea especially by the Clintons - both legally, and heavily spinned - of globalism? The beauty for the politicians is, that it is based on irrefutable premises. And set to sea above regulations since it's domain is above any laws or regulatory enforcements.

Things that will become needed, or already is, are at least some reforms of democracy (Hoppe was a pioneer into that). I would say at least LONGER TERMS! So that issues become more principal and of lasting importance. No reelections possible (goodbye to most spin - I hope). Accountability of leaders and administrators. No swearing on the Bible is as good as certain punishment for illegalities, or lack of pursuing them. In fact in the old China, the local administrators were judges. They could order torture and death by 4 oxes drawing the prisoners arms and legs in opposite positions at the same time. BUT IF THEY EXECUTED AN INNOCENT MAN, THEY WERE THEMSELVES EXECUTED! So some carefulness and responsibility was ensured by social mechanisms.

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No. That requires people of conviction Appearance is NOT the same as that. Except for Americans and other sociopaths. .
And this equality between appearance and conviction is probably already in for "copyright pending". "Making the world greater and better" etc.

Sometimes one wishes for you parodies of humans (Americans) to make a big party and laugh yourselves to death. Absolutely insincere and falling for your own studied appearances, that would be a fitting departure from the earth for humans of such self-inflicted, unnatural, worthless self-degradation.