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I don;t think Starlight prevents the mane 6 from meeting each other; but I think she'll take Twilight;s place WITHIN the Mane 6 by going back in time. Not rainboom prevention, rainboom usurpation. That's by guess.

From there, pretty much as you're saying..

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You think it's Zane scaring the ghosts away? It's all Mercy.

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That's not "Apple Munchies". That's young hot Granny Smith.

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Mrs. I is able to issue a smackdown so exactly, Planchett's hat pops off.

This is in part because she knew him when he was 6 years old in short pants-- which is exactly where he's back to in the last panel. With a subtle stutter even.

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I think she's making a subtle joke; her last sentence lacks the "alive or dead" that would overexplain it.

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Suddenly with the frying pan hitting, Zane considers her for a romance.

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So this is more than just WaitressFlirt.

Also Zane: Either you're the smoothest actor in feigning cluelessness with a hussy waitress, or you are Broodhollow's most clueless Bachelor. Maris would pick up this flirt and he's DEAD.

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Damn Skippy.

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Good man, Zane. Worried about what you'll find. But knowing it's important, and knowing it's better to find out than to avoid. Both in this cream, and int he larger sense.

Like most of us, reading. Seeing a Bottlefly Boy being taken down, knowing more unpleasantness is coming.. and yet, we read on. The horror will come, but it's the only way to see what comes next.

Also the little touch of Cadavre holding, taking a drag, then tossing away his cigarette. Subtle, but so much personality.

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Be careful not to spill it.