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He is absolutely adorable!!

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You could just be entering the "potty humour" phase of life. My six year old still laughs pretty hard about a good bum or poop joke. It never seems to get old with them...

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You know, it's so great that you've got your parents to rely on and help you out when things get tough. I think that's something that every single parent really needs - a solid support system.

Hope Ty feels better soon. :)

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You're absolutely right, men and women ARE very, very different. Hang in there - try to keep the overthinking to a minimum - it only gets you into trouble! (Trust me, I'm speaking from experience....) ;)

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You know, as wonderful as my girls' dad is, I do sometimes envy (just a little!) those of you who don't have another parent in the picture that needs to be consulted with all the time. Although I do like the fact that I have someone else who can help with the parenting, there would be something very liberating about being able to make decisions affecting me and my girls all on my own.

Sounds like you're doing a wonderful job raising Ty. :)

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It's amazing that you're able to still see the beauty in what you do have in your life. I think that's the sign of a true survivor.


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I think I squealed just a little bit (in my head, at least) when I saw the orange Kleen Kanteen bottle. Orange is "my" colour!!

As far as potty training goes, the best advice that I can give you is to try not to make it a huge deal. If he figures out that this bothers you, he could certainly use it as a way to manipulate his world.

One thing I did for my youngest was take her out and let her pick out her very own "big girl undies" and we made it this huge celebration - and then just basically stopped putting her diapers (except at night). Granted, she had lots of accidents that summer, and I had to carry a change (or two) of clothes with me at all times, but after a couple of months, she was pretty reliably trained.

I think a big mistake is for anyone to give him the message that it's okay to pee in his diaper. Definitely sends a conflicting message....

I recently heard a story about a mom who told her son that there was a monster who lived under the house who ate poop, and to keep the monster happy, he needed to poop on the toilet and flush it down to him! lol I think the moral of this story is figuring out what works for your individual child...because I think that they've all got their "thing" that will work for them. The trick is figuring out what that is.

Good luck!! :)

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Great photos! Don't under-sell yourself. :)

Don't show CBG the spider photo, he'll freak. heh.

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I think you're safe - twins are the responsibility of the mom. You need two eggs to make two babies, it's got nothing to do with the dad. And identical twins are just a freak of nature that can happen to anyone...

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, we had a bit of a scare - I was measuring large and the doctor couldn't tell if she heard one heartbeat or two - we waited about two weeks before finding out that it was, indeed, just one. And let me just say, after she was born, if there had been two of her, I don't think I would have survived.

As for having more, I feel pretty much finished. I have two, they're 4 and 6, that's good enough for me. Although, having said that, if the man I end up with was really committed to the idea of having children, I certainly would at least consider it - for him.

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Dreams are amazing sometimes, aren't they? I had a dream about snuggling up with CBG and smiling and smiling at him, which is what prompted me to 'friend request' him on Facebook, which I've blogged about before. Interesting, huh?

Maybe someday you'll dream about the winning lottery numbers!! :D