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As I've been taught -- in both Buddhist and mindfulness traditions--emotions are not to be shunned. They are pure, raw, natural energy. It's what we make of them and do with them that causes us 'stress.'

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I knew Michal in the living rooms of friends in Halifax, where she visited every year in December. She was so direct, open, interested in me...surprising, actually. I have no idea why I mattered to someone I hardly knew, but I did.
Love to you, Jay, may our paths continue to cross.

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I read Marlatt et al's book on relapse prevention just recently and found it really helpful. Authors lay out an approach for each of the 8 sessions recommended, so any counsellor can easily work with this material. Marlatt died last year; a real loss for the addiction research field.

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Hi Yellow Pine, editor Molly DeShong here. I'm afraid we don't yet have a commenting function in our Shambhala Sun main archive... and that's frustrating to all of us!
But comments are fast and free here on SunSpace, so drop a line here anytime.

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Nancy and Ele people, thanks for your support!
Molly from the Sun

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Thanks Jaime, quite right. Reminds me that a study a while back by the The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life showed the diversity of beliefs and practices among Buddhists —and that was just in America! For instance, many Buddhists reported a belief in God, or at least, a universal spirit. See our blog post here
or go directly to the Pew Study

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Hi Michael. I think your best bet is to write to staff of his organization, Palyul Ling. You can contact them through this website:

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Just reading this post made me feel fluish!

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Unexpected maybe? At least, for Pico!

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Thanks John. A friend who is a practitioner of both meditation and focussing said to me that what David (and others like Reginald Ray) are trying to point out is the cultural bias in our western world view that prevents us from connecting deeply to our experienece-- a level of experience that is not commonly attended to through habitual thinking.