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@Louisiana Survivor,

That sisterin comment is what got Devils Advocate in a wad! He was exactly who I had in mind when I said \"someone is going to email me and say stop making up words\".

He is all bent because I don\'t allow his comments when they are simply designed to pick on my typos.

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Devil\'s Advocate,

Dude your sarcasm isn\'t effective because it isn\'t accurate. I am surprised you are not doing what you usually do and correcting my spelling and grammar.

So how long was my house keeping today, the intro segment is not part of house keeping it is an intro segment about current events.

The actual house keeping started at 6 minutes and 47 seconds and ended at 8 minutes and 42 seconds. Let us call that 2 full minutes. If that is to much for you I think you need to find a new podcast to spend your time listening to. I guess when I start featuring two sponsors on each show to better serve them you will just have a heart attack, it should take house keeping up to like 2.5 minutes, God forbid right?

Today\'s show was also about 44 minutes long meaning that minus the house keeping and the intro segment you got a 36 minute show, if that ain\'t enough then again I think you should spend your time listening to something else.

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Well may be this will help. I just disabled intense debate on my blog at <a href="" target="_blank"> my users loved it but it was causing a real problem for firefox users one I had myself When you edited a comment it placed some sort of cooking on your browser. Once placed the site just would not load. I looked everywhere but nothing about it online.

Was this fixed in this new version? If so I will install it and give it another shot. I hope so because the system is really cool.

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I hope you have noted to cover both types of people that listen to TSP I have moved 90% of any political stuff to the intro segment allowing you to skip it if you so desire.

If Christine said, I don't like the politics part and I think on many issues he is way to right wing for me, I would have not bothered to even respond or care. That would be opinion I would have been fine with as I am fine with yours.

In spite of what many assume to be true I am not looking to create a "bigger tent" or attract a "more diverse audience" I am looking to best serve the core of those who started listening to and spreading the show when only a few hundred even cared to or knew about it.

Now Neil the next part is not about you or your comment I just thought about it reading your comment. Please understand that before reading further.

I grow weary of those that say things like "TSP could be so much more successful if only _________", none of the people giving me such advice have anything they have built up from nothing that demonstrates why I should take their advice. That is not about me being better or smarter but it is about me being logical. How many of you that are debt free, have money and perhaps own a business have been "advised" on how you could be doing better at XYX "if only you would _________" by someone who is dead broke and basically not successful.

Let me ask you do you take advice from such people?

So I am sorry but having built this show exactly the way I am doing it now and as I have always done I am not likely to take the advice of people who haven't done something similar at least to a similar level or done it better.

I hope that makes sense to any that continue to tell me how I should do anything you can fill in a blank with and how if I did that it would make the show more successful or reach a broader audience or cause grass to grow on Mars or whatever you think would gloriously happen if I would just change what got the show and its listeners to where we are.

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stump172, LOL "Christine-Gate" funny as hell. Seriously I figured it out Christine is just coming out of the progressive closet, she wanted to expose TSP to her left fringe friends but was scared of their response to her so she cloaked it in bull shit.

On the safe deposit boxes I have mixed feelings, on one hand I am happy I didn't screw it up on the other I am sad that it check out. We are loosing so much freedom, if people out there wonder why I don't "just leave politics and economics out of it all together" here is a perfect example of why.

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I never considered using V8 juice as broth base, very clever, makes me want a bloody mary for some reason, ;>)

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joejelly I didn't recommend one over the other, I stated that you should match your choice of a 22 pistol to what ever type of pistol you carry for self defense or for hunting. So if your carry gun is a 45 auto, get a semi auto 22. If you carry a small frame 357, get a revolver so that your practice with the 22 is as similar as is reasonably possible to shooting your larger caliber weapon.

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Sorry you feel that way, I would like to know what you mean by HT. I am not to sure you remember when I landed anywhere if you found me on since I was over 180 episodes and over 5000 listeners when I first ended up there.

If you think I would reach more another way, I suggest you demonstrate that other way with you own show. That is not a jerkish remark, I am actually very serious. If you think self censorship and a different "style" will reach others, go for it. You seem informed, I will even promote you to my audience.

The reality is I can't do what you ask, because, this is who I am. Like or not it is what it is. My audience was built on it, my first shows were often even more harsh then they are today and that listener core are the ones that promoted me, made my show a success. I gave what I know and who I am and my audience was attracted to it. I won't change that now, (not that I could) it would be a disservice to those who built this on my behalf.

I am sure there are many I drive away but I think based on the last year and well over 100,000 emails for each I drive away I attract 25. I can live with that ratio.

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Granny, do you know what made TSP what it is? My willingness to not censor myself and say exactly what I think including that some people are assclowns or worse. I am really not interested in who is offended by what I say, if you never offend people you are making a difference.

By the way it is rude to lie about a person. When that party that is lied about gets pissed off and calls out the liar, that is rude it is simply logical.

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Oh you are indeed a liar,

1. I never just broke out right while talking about a garden and said "Obama can't have my truck"

2. I have never and I repeat never taught anything isolationist in any way shape or form, if you were confused on that I question your intelligence.

3. You clearly inferred that my message was and I do quote, "always vote Republican or you will DIE DIE DIE!!!!" that is an out and out lie.

4. libertarians are not right wingers OK that is not a lie you are just wrong because you are blinded by liberal dogma

5. You did say that I am guilty of "bitching about Obama for make-believe reasons" and I ask you what did I ever make up about Obama? I mean my show is RECORDED please produce this audio if you are not a liar.

So right there I count 4 pure lies about me and TSP and I count one point that you just are not informed enough about to discuss.

I think you consider yourself a friend of TSP, if so I sure don't need any enemies. I was honest when I said you can come on the air and present your point if you want to. We can discuss my "extreme right wing" views like legalizing pot, leaving gay people the hell alone if they wish to marry, getting out of unecessary foreign wars and removing our military presence from over 140 nations. You know all those far right libertarian positions that I use to entice republicans to give me money.

You really are an assclown.