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@all, please use your real/nick and not others to avoid being banned. To avoid banning please use your own nick like our esteem reader Kima. Let's make the discussion real and interesting.

The IPs have been removed on request by Manipur Concern

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@munh hartlang, Thanks for the update.

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Updated: 6. Kamlalbel Neitham

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@Larma, Well check the IP addresses and see if we can take action. @all, please to the topic like a really educated person. Let's make it an employable debate.

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@sandman, thanks & corrected.

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@Gunja, Please avoid such schemes. The best option is to report to the police and check out the authenticity of the price. As per information available with us, this scheme is a fraud. We have received the same Pacific Lottery offer in our email.

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@All, Please stick to the topic. As stated in the comment box form below, ME 'reserves' the right to delete any comments, we may have to resort to such unwanted move to curtail your freedom of speech to some extent.

And, remember that we hate to moderate, edit or modify your views. So, it's our sincere request you stick to the topic as much as possible. If you don't subscribe to someone's view, just give a thumbs down and vice versa if you love what other say.

PS: Despite our efforts to moderate comments we feel it's undemocratic and against freedom of speech. As such note that the website will not be held responsible for any comments. Comments are owned by the respective authors.

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Mistake regretted. We need more people like you, Zorama. Thanks.

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AFD News=April Fool's Day News :) It's good to know that we still have sense of humour amidst all the politicking. Read more comments on misual.com http://www.misual.com/2010/04/02/27869/


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can't get the Facebook Connect work on my site wwww.mizoramexpress.com Can you help pls?