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Hmmm... considering that Arabs illegally possess 80% of the Jewish National Homeland, who do you think is occupying who?

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No... Muhammed hated Jews and murdered the early tribes of Medina. Muhammed lied about peace only to betray them later in a "hudna."

This is just one example of some of his quotes about Jews:

"The Jews are a nation of liars.... The Jews are a treacherous, lying, and evil people." Ishaq:240

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Yes, and I have heard my fair share of Finkelstein's garbage and whitewashing of Palestinian crimes against humanity. The Professor has been so discredited that he was denied tenure at DePaul and fired from several other universities. You need to listen to Prof. Alan Dershowitz, he actually has legitimate proposals for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Do you care about the livelihood of Palestinians or do you want to sacrifice them to promote terrorists like Hezbollah and Hamas?

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"You mean that the land that millions of Jews from Europe and Russia immigrated to was an empty land?"

Yes, the land was empty. Turkish and Arab statistics and figures prove that fact. Don't believe them, just ask Mark Twain who wrote about how the region was desolate. The only continual presence in the land was that of Jews who have always been a majority in places like Jerusalem.

The early Zionists LEGALLY purchased VACANT and TENANT-FREE land from the Arabs. They specifically chose TENANT-FREE land in order to avoid in upsetting any of the local Arab sensibilities.

BTW, only about 650,000 Jews initially immigrated from Europe, the next wave was almost exclusively from Arab Nations after they were expelled (800,000 + expelled) by xenophobic Arab governments.

"Many more Palestinians, mostly young and teenagers were killed by Israel."

The facts on the ground are much more complicated. Statistics show that mostly teenagers and young men engage in murdereous terrorism against Israel at the behest of groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Not to mention Hamas's brave rule of using children as human shields. Palestinians need to make peace and stop sending their youth on suicide missions. Then the Palestinian children can actually have hope. Do you want Palestinian children to be manipulated and murdered by Hamas?

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"Israel should be the first one that cut the relationship, not 'one of the last ones.'"

I proved that Israel is no different than other Western Nations. You are holding Israel to a double standard and singling it out for condemnation alone among other nations. That reeks of antisemitism.

BTW, the Wall was built to protect Israeli citizens from being murdered by cowardly suicide bombers. The wall has reduced Palestinian terrorism (suicide bombs and rockets) from the W. Bank by over 95%.

"But, the "heaven" created in Israel is maintained by the hell created around Israel."

Israel did not create a "hell" in Gaza or the W. Bank, any "hell" was created solely by Hamas and Fatah. Both have control over their respective territories and are responsible for their people's welfare. It is unfortunate that the Hamas thugs are raping and pillaging innocent Palestinians by stealing supplies and executing those that deviate from religious law. Perhaps if they stopped their xenophobic ways their could be peace?

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Stop with the rhetoric. Israel is not a militarist state, its a free and open society that provides civil rights to all its citizens. Did you know Israel has 5 gay pride parades annually?

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"I cannot change the perception of paranoid bullies. "

Exactly, so you're saying you can't change your own perception because you are a paranoid bully.

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"However, Lebanon's passivity only made it the most attractive first step towards "From the Nile to the Euphrates" as Moshe Sharret's diaries so damningly recount. Moshe Dayan and David Ben-Gurion plotted to wipe out all the southern Muslims and create Israel's first secure border with aChristian state to the North."

Actually, the quotes from Moshe Sharret are faked. The myth goes that he was quoting Moshe Dayan and David Ben-Gurion (which is hearsay), the only source of the quote is from supposed "private conversations" of Mr. Sharrett. More nonesense from a not so Mr. Smart.

"In the event, Israel turned on Egypt instead, making spies of the Jews there, being caught bombing US and UK facilities (aiming to have Egyptians blamed) and joining in an attack on the Suez Canal."

The Lavon Affair? Are you serious? Israeli spies targeted Egpytian targets to try to destablize a hostile regime. A few of the targets were owned by US and British interests. The bombs did little damage to any of the targets and caused no injuries or deaths. I dare you to compare that with Arab and Islamic terrorism (9/11 anyone?).

"Only in 1982 did the unreformed terrorist Menachem Begin get round to trying to seize its Northern neighbour and Hezbollah beat them back in 2000."

You mean repel the invading Palestinian terrorists? Israel had no interest in seizing Lebanon, only creating a buffer to stop perpetual terrorism. Even after leaving Lebanon the terrorism continues. When will Arabs and Islamists learn to get along with anyone?

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Of course, you can't respond to any my facts. Better to let others speak for you.

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"Israeli soldiers, in international sea, killed nine peace activist"

Funny, I didn't know that knife wielding jihadis using stun grenades chanting "Allahu Ackbar" and "death to Israel" were considered peace activists. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

"which is the Jewish version of fascism."

I have to politely disagree, I always assumed Noam Chomsky and Norm Finkelstein were the Jewish version of fascism.