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The glitchy video just put me off.

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As I recall, it's controlled by a small purple knob.

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Just taken one-and-a-half hours out of my busy holiday weekend to put together the Nebulophone which - yes! - I did get for my birthday.

It's brilliant.

No problems with the kit. One slight delay which could have been rectified more quickly if I'd read the instructions properly. Superbly made printed circuit board and everything fitted. No better use was ever made of an Atmega chip. Kudos to Dr Bleep and Mr Chimples.

Buy one now.

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Light bulbs
Reed relays

Cutting-edge technology of my childhood. Hands up who else here remembers them?

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It'll never catch on. Come to think of it, it never caught on. I wish my modular looked like that, though.

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Absolutely. What SynthFan said goes for me too. I'd like to expand on it but I can't. I shall be using this short video in my University teaching.

Synthtopia - worth every penny of the subscription price!

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You are all SO envious.

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So reminiscent of the worst excesses of the Electric Light Orchestra...

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I can see a bunch of schoolchildren(and their audience) getting more out of this than making those awful squawking or scratching noises with recorders or violins (although ukuleles are a great improvement nowadays). Seriously, if kids could be got into making "real'" music like this without having to commit to the purchase of a musical instrument, it would help those kids to identify if they had a real interest in music early on. Others could identify that they had more interest in the technology, and take a different route. Everyone wins.

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Impossible to assess the coolness in the presence of the player in the photo.