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I feel that Twitter is a great Learning Tool for marketers...albeit at our expenses as twitter readers. Twitter will sort out the wheat from the chaff and help tomorrow's marketing teams understand that, no matter the media, content is king -- surprise the customer with beautiful thoughts, relevant advice, etc. Those that don't get that notion could/should get quickly booted out as customers can vote with unfollowing or, better yet, blocking...

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Sounds like a fabulous event. From all the commentary and great links (loving oneforty), it makes me think how easily Twitter-the-Virtual can facilitate, Twitter-the-Real ... by creating Twitter conferences, Twi-light parties and Twitter interest groups.

Was also just reading about Evan Williams new features (CBS and zeroed in what was, as usual, not said: how much closer are they to an economic model.

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Thanks for coming along Lucinda. Facebook has been had a difficult year since writing this post, but not because people are not joining the community--more a question of difficulty managing the growth...