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There really is no debate as to whether Google ripped off iOS. All you need to do is look at Googles own videos, their first demo of Android in 2007.

The video speaks for itself.

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"I personally believe that it’s better to shoot higher. You don’t want to be looking at your competitors."

Right. That's why Google has never smack talked Apple publicly. Oh wait, they have. I seem to remember something along the lines of "Apple can't innovate, so they sue" which really made me laugh.

The ironic thing is that Page is right, he didn't initially look at a competitor. He instead did it to a close ally, and turned them into a competitor.

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The problem I have with Windows Phone in general is that, it's beautiful to look at but not pretty to use. My dad has a Windows Phone and I've used it for extended periods, and it really is generally cumbersome and unintuitive. Things aren't obvious, tappable items not being clearly designed as buttons, and the whole operation metaphor just isn't smooth like iOS.

People misunderstand design as being about aesthetics. But design is truly about how something works. The thing about iOS is that it has well designed aesthetics AND operation. It's just more obvious to operate. Menus are clearly marked, tappable items are designed in a way to give you visual cues that it's a button and not just flat text. To me, it really feels like the Metro design gets in the way of operation and you spend more time in menus doing simple tasks. And that's really at fault with the whole Metro metaphor, being less graphical and much more heavy on flat text against a flat background.

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Yea, because they've all been given the opportunity to update to ICS, right? More than half of all Android owners run gingerbread (and was likely their first encounter with Android), maybe that's why.

But when and if they actually do get ICS, I think a lot of the average joe consumers are in for a surprise. There's a reason why Samsung made touchwiz for ICS look almost identical to its Gingerbread counterpart. For a little bit of consistency.

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"The OS has changed DRASTICALLY since it debuted in 2009"

That's because they had a lot to fix since 2009. Just like how it took Microsoft 4 releases of Windows to get their design closer to the Mac. Windows 1-3 were all ass until Windows 95, when they finally copied the Macs desktop file system metaphor.

Drastic change between each release is more of a negative. Customers don't want to run a software update and then boom their entire phone and usage pattern is completely changed. Now they have to relearn everything. Great design is timeless and doesn't need drastic overhauls every update. Which is why iOS still has the same design metaphor it began with, but making it more polished, robust, and dramatically improving the development environment and APIs. Google on the other hand began with a turd, and had to keep changing their design to make it more comparable to iOS.

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That's the first MacBook Air, which did have a button. Unibody first started on the Air.

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The lack of creativity from Apples competitors is depressing. As much as I love Apple, I'd also love to see another company put as much thought, creativity, and craftsmanship into their product design. They spend so much time copying Apples design, without any of the quality and attention to detail Macs have.
It's not just Lenovo. The PC industry today basically looks like nothing but MacBook Pro and Air imitations.

The only thing Apple can do is continue to be 5 steps ahead. Let the wannabes continue to have Apples table scraps, while Apple keeps moving forward.

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God no. If Sony chooses anyone other than Noah Wiley, I'll be seriously disappointed. He's already done a fantastic job playng as Jobs, he looks very much like a young Jobs, and he knows the role.

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Interesting UI. That animation for falling tweets is great. Gotta love CoreAnimation.

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Lol, it's not like I'm not familiar with IGN at all. I've been a gamer my entire life. I'm not calling them ignorant simply for this misleading benchmark. As the gaming community says, you can't spell ignorant without IGN.