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Somalia has much more and bigger problems than FGM!!! I will leave it at that!

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Faisal, that is a typical Somali attitude! if our people are not doing anything, I would rather this guy get rich and advance my cause!!

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looooooool, waa suaal fiican young lander?????
Wali waxaad moodaa isticmaarkii baynaan ka xoroobin!!!

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Here we go again.......... Really who cares about the affairs of the rich Saudis who have nothing better to do!!!

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No doubt Mr. Silaanyo is a great man, a somaliland hero but I always marvel at how we mix politics and personal character. Before someone jumps at me I am not favoring any political party and I am pro- change but we just need to ask these politicians what they plan to do! I always hear the opposition criticising the government and it is obvious the current S/land government is not doing a great job but what do the other two parties plan to do????????? how are they different???????

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Is this his son by any chance?? does anyone know?

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I ask everyone who thinks somaliland does not exist, why they spend their energy on being bitter about something that does not exist then???. I support Somaliland's decision in refusing to participate in the so called "somali discussions" organized by the US. If you refuse to accept us then why invite us! if you advocate for democracy and the will of the people and you are forcing it on the middle east and Iraq, why not notice the people who established it already. It is a double standard, the US is looking for solution for somalia because all of sudden somalia becomes an area of interest for many reasons!!!

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continued.........Atleast Enda hospital is built and it is functioning. The point I was coming to is first wether Enda hospital charges a lot or not, I am greatful for the fact that such hospital exists because atleast the service is available. The point about it being really expensive! I took my nephew for treatment there, he was treated by a non-somali doctor who knew what was wrong with the kid which was not really much, and the kid was treated for a very low price which most of you won't even believe. The other clinics although might have charged less or more depending where you go, would have sent me home with a bag of expired medications and most if not all would not have known what to do. Finally, she does not have to be anyone's hero because that would need more than just building a hospital, but I give her credit for making her dream a reality! for taking contineous criticism and character assasination and for surviving it all! you have to admit we somalis are very critical people.

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looks like I am joining this discussion a bit late but I could not help but comment. I want to try and not repeat what some of you have said already but rather I want to shed some light on this subject only because the same way it created hype in this website, it is a hot topic everywhere. I especially want to put in my two cents because I have been to Edna Hospital and just like most of the people in Hargeisa or Somaliland I have been told that she charges an arm and a leg. Before I went to Edna Hospital which I have mistakenly took as only for maternity, I have been to other clinics and or doctors in Hargeisa. None of you if you have ever been to Somaliland can tell me that other places don't charge for service or that they provide services based on compassion. In fact in most cases the norm is "pay up then we will try and treat you" I wonder why Edna hospital seems to be singled out if things are the same everywhere else??? Yeah I know someone is gonna tell me she collected donations from everyone......and the rest of the story I know very well! how many times do we donate to something that amounts to nothing.......

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Let's stop being pessimists, every bit helps. Even if there are no jobs to connect people to atleast some people will make use of the centre and learn something for when jobs become available.