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Glad to hear it!

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Are other plugins behaving the same way? I would delete and reinstall plugins, beginning with Jetpack.

Could also be your WP install is still corrupt. If problem persists I would go to C-panel, go to PHP MyAdmin, select your WP database, then try Repair.

If problem persists then may need to create a fresh install, then slowly add back in some of the plugins/themes. Then re-import your content.

If you need paid support:

Best of luck.

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SiteSubscribe Managed WordPress Services are now available for any website using any web host, meaning you don't have to host with SiteSubscribe to take advantage of their Maintenance & Support plans.

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Hey Catherine, I'll definitely check out OneDesk. Thanks...

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Good news for online affiliate marketers! Today the Denver Federal courts shot down the Colorado legislation regarding collection of sales tax for out of state sales that caused Amazon to cancel Colorado affiliates.

There's a good article on it here:

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@Vahagn: I added a few screen shots to try to make it more clear. The Settings link I was referring to is visible as you hover over the link to your name in the upper right of the screen. This is to get to your Profile Settings. Then from there you go to the "Manage your recommendations" link. The option to make your recommendations publicly visible is the "show" checkbox next to each individual recommendation. Hope this helps. ~Jeff

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Hey Gib, I don't know if I ever replied to your question of how someone got into your WordPress site with Administrator role. I would say that the most likely scenario for that is he either got a hold of your WordPress password or your FTP password. Try changing those passwords on a regular basis and make them hard to crack. ~Jeff

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No, Google doesn't allow you to change your username or your email. You have to go through the steps identified within the link above to create a new Gmail account with the updated information that you want to use. If you are a Google Accounts user you can create new email accounts within your Google Accounts and import your old emails, making it a little easier for Google Accounts users than Gmail users.

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I thought I'd add a little bit to this post...

Firstly, I'm not a fan of Flash for several reasons...the most important one being that I'm a big iPad and iPhone user these days, and Flash is not suppported.

But...I thought I'd also suggest this WordPress plugin to display any set number of your recent posts from a selected category via flash gallery slider/rotator for your Front Page or Header.:

If that doesn't work for you there are hundreds of WP image sliders out there.

You might also want to check out my new WordPress Help & Training meetup group (see the 'Read more about us' link):