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Spot on Erica!
All of this work is in preparation for the day when a significant amount of the product advertising and product choices will be made online. The question then is.. at what time should a small business jump into the digital marketing or social media world? Can a carpenter afford to stay on the sidelines in 2009? How about 2010? Can a carpenter stay afloat just on handshakes and word of mouth referrals forever?
At what time will they begin to be eclipsed by their competition who have embraced digital media?
Thanks for sharing your insight!

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Shannon, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I totally agree with you, an online catalog/portfolio of their services would provide potential customers with photos and descriptions of their prior work.
How reassuring it would be to have a contractor with that sort of moxie!

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Hey there Jess. Thank you so much for your kind words!
We love him terribly and want to do whatever we can to beat this disease. I am encouraged and supported by caring people like you!


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Excellent analysis.
You must gain quite an insight into the human psyche when dealing with snakes. I would have to venture a guess that you rarely hear anyone saying "please come and get this tiny, 11 inch snake out of my house!" With the introduction of both fear and a lack of knowledge every snake caught in the wrong place must be unnaturally large, long and deadly!


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You are correct! Current medical guidance does not call for cutting an X in the wound or sucking out the venom. But, it does serve the point of the post.

1. Look how swiftly you responded to the erroneous posting and provided multiple means by which to correct the post and the poster. (@message on Twitter and this blog comment)
2. Then observe that a single posting may draw even better authorities who can (and will) debunk myths and false statements, even providing empirical data and source reference.

Imagine if I posted my rattlesnake article to a static webpage for all to read, drew thousands of people to it using SEO techniques. All of them would have gotten the impression (right or wrong) about the rattlesnake remedy. Some would have believed it and clicked along, others would know I was wrong but have no facility to comment or correct.

You my friend have proven the power of Social Media today by demonstrating its unique capability to offer your voice and begin a discussion. I could not have wished for a better outcome. :-)

I am glad to have a rattlesnake guy in my community of friends.

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Tons of page views on my bacon-laden post, but no comments. People must have walked away salty, smoked and satisfied.

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That airplane stunt was totally insensitive to New Yorkers.
Quick suggestion to the White House.. I could have photoshopped Air Force One into a photo or video for a production cost of under a grand.
I agree that White House public relations activity is running at about the same speed as foreign relations. Wait until the YouTube video leaks out with Obama and Chavez in a hot tub together.

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LinkedIn is probably the most appropriate for small businesses to build connections. It also creates positive buzz for your company to attract great talent.
LinkedIn also allows you a way to communicate within your industry, so your small business can have a voice within it.

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Picked this list off of Twitter. Nice work. I had not heard of a couple of these outfits. Nice to see the mix of large and small. Expect to see my company Bash Foo up there one day. ;-)

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I have my twitter account on the back of my business card. It does draw a few in.
I have also used inserts in the local Chamber of Commerce newsletter to gain attention.