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Love that sarcasm on Tejada, Joe. Matt, F you are getting way ahead of yourself bro. Tejada's career minor league numbers don't project to anything that you are saying. HOWEVER, he is young (just 20) and was consistently rushed in the minors by Tony Bernazard. So I think he still have much room to grow. Ideally this would be in AAA. Again my biggest issue is the Tejada criticism is that no one actually knows his ceiling, and everything we have seen from him is positive. He's not completely weak, he is very smart, he is already showing a capability with the bat (bunting, moving runners over) that leads to success, and to a lesser extent Jose Reyes seems to be a great influence on him.

That Zambrano idea is ridiculous. Only someone who is only looking at names would make that suggestion. Use your eyes, Z is a mess and a bad clubhouse presence. Also his contract makes him an albatross. BTW, Ollie's contract is up after next year. As bad as it was, it was only 3 years. I can live with it. Z's is another 2 years after this and is still owed about 45 million. No thank you.

One last thing, I was talking to an old Mets fan from home in NY, someone who works too much to really follow the Mets like he and I used to, and when I told him Wright was leading the NL in RBI his response was "how is that possible?" The NY media is brainwashing NYers into hating DWright and Reyes it seems. Please promote Wright and Reyes to everyone you know as the great, possible Hall of Fame players they are on track to be.

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I agree with that. +1

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Well I'm officially a Florida Marlins fan... see you later loser Mets fans

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Tejada's missed double play in the field, was that his fault? I kinda missed it. Any input on that, anyone? I just feel like Tejada is a much better offensive player than we thought he was, his hitting streak not with standing. His approach is what I am most impressed with, for a guy hitting 8th he doesn't just chase every pitch. I don't believe he is more than a .260 hitter right now, but he has a clue unlike some other former Met with two last names that he gets compared to unfairly (AHern).

At this point I think we know who Hisanori Takahashi is. He is a capable pitcher, but he will get shelled some starts, and dominate in others. Reminds me of Glavine when he was a Met, in that way, but clearlynot nearly as good.

As for Wright's torrid June... how do you like him now? Homeboy is an All-Star, possible RBI champion, MVP candidate, and a gold glove fielder. Oh and he will be a 25 HR/25 SB player this year, probably he and Hanley Ramirez are the only ones (feel like I am forgetting someone). Rumors of his demise have been greatly exaggerated.

BTW speaking of All-Stars, who are the Mets All-Stars? I think we all agree on Wright and Pelfrey. Would anyone else suggest Jose Reyes? I think I have to. The question is about Pagan and RA Dickey. If Dickey wins his next three starts and is 9-0 with his sub 3 ERA, how in the world is he not an All-Star? Big if there, I know. And Pagan is this team's first half MVP, so how can he not be considered amongst fans? Charlie Manuel, however, is a different story. He'll probably take an undeserving Shane Victorino instead.

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That video was great. I was thinking of Wally a bit when I was watching it. Ron is obviously a caricature of managers, but it nevertheless reminded me of Wally. I'll have to check out more of these.

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Agreed. I like Tejada a lot, but there is no way he is untouchable. There is also no way I don't give the job back to a healthy Castillo... well except if Pelfrey is pitching. Tejada, a natural shortstop, has way more range than even a healthy Castillo. Castillo's high OBP is his asset to this team. Tejada just is not that player right now.

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From July of last year, FYI. It seems that deal was never really considered. Also it claims Tejada was 17 years old at the time, which is amazing since about a year later he is 20. If Tejada ages this quickly I think I'm on Joe's side that he is a bust :P

I think I get your argument now, Joe, it's not that you are attacking Tejada or any other prospect for not being good enough, you are attacking the Mets for hyping them up. I agree. I see Tejada for what he is: a nice player with a winning skillset but no more than a role player. The Mets seem to want people to believe he is a star. It's just not gonna happen. I just never buy into the hype machines thrown out by clubs so I seem to forget about that part. I don't want you to think I believe the Mets system is amazingly good with stars all around. I just think it is consistently underrated by many, and I've read about scouts who say the same. I guess I'm choosing to believe them and not the nay-sayers.

Yes, lets wait to judge him in 3 years, but can we really wait that long?

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Okay I'm sorry I accused you of hindsight. In fact you had foresight, and I again bow to your awesome insight to pitching.

But really Joe what are we arguing? That Jason Vargas was traded for JJ Putz? What about Brian Bannister for Ambiorix Burgos? Another pitcher who could have helped this team win. What about Kazmir (reopens wound). My point is the Mets seem to be bad at trading for talent. So my argument will continue to be that they need to hold tight to whatever they have (which I hold you are underrating) and make their move this offseason for FA pitching. See I believe having role players like Tejada, Thole, Carter, Parnell is exactly what a winning organization has in the minor leagues, and every once in a while produces a big star. Wright, Reyes, Pelfrey, (maybe) Davis are not typical for most teams to just have sitting around in the minor leagues. Another point is that with Tony B gone we have seen great improvement already in the minor leagues with teams that are actually winning because players are not aggressively promoted for no good reason. I see potential. And I don't want it ruined for a rent-a-player or another big contract plus prospects. Maybe I have rose colored glasses on, but I like what I see regardless.

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I keep losing posts...

Okay so Tejada = AHern is getting to me. AHern is a terrible offensive player who can't hit, move runners over, take a walk, or anything productive. Tejada has shown he can do these things. Tejada is 20 whereas AHern was 22 when he came up. Tejada has way more of chance to be a decent major leaguer than Hernandez ever did. Please come up with a better comparison.

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Joe, please with the Tejada = AHern. Anderson Hernandez is a terrible offensive player. That means he can't hit, take a walk, move a runner over, or put down a bunt. Tejada routinely does those things. Tejada more likely = Marco Scutaro circa the 2003 Mets. No one thought much of him at all, but he played well in Oakland and has had a very nice career. And Tejada is a full 2 years younger than Hernandez was when he debuted. Tejada has WAY MORE chance to be a good major leaguer than Hernandez ever did. Please come up with a better comparison.