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How water tight are they?

If they're water tight it's an extra container for water storage after it's use as a carry-all.

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This is inspiring me to try a new stream I've been contemplating for years. I'm going to start delving into the homemade sauce industry. A passion of mine, and it also helps with my canning skills and backlogged stock just is apart of my personal survival stores. There are several farmer's markets, and small shops I can get into.

I've already had some people buy my sauces from an over made batch from christmas last year. My biggest request is my Thai-Apricot sauce.

Also I had a small hobby I used to do of candle-making, I may get back into that.

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I'm about to start buying bags of dried beans and canning all of my bean concoctions.

Thanks for the great tips as always.

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I'm at a D in my opinion.

Water, as long as nothing contaminates the ground is a spring with some backups of bottles I give myself there a B, but for the rest I'm needing to stock, learn, and prep. I'm doing what I can on a very tight budget though.

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I was made aware of this technique watching Dual Survival. Code use a clear plastic bottle for a similar effect.

I plan on trying it sometime soon.

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To true Miss

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It's a bit awkward at first, but once you get used to holding it and sawing it works just fine.

Not my ideal saw, but would work well in the event you have no other saw.

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I just picked up the SOGfari as a cheap "starter" machete from amazon.com for 22.31.

So far so good, though I did nik the blade on a rock that was in the midst of some brush.

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Speaking of prepping for pennies: I was whacking some overgrowth near my spring's overflow basin, and found some wild growing spearmint!

I did a write up on it on my blog, but I'm so happy about free resources, I had to share.

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Looks Neat.

Couple of questions: What is the weight of the unit?
How portable is it? (Is it a bulky object to carry?)
You said you did three loads per night was the 45 minute time frame per load or all three loads?

The price point is pretty good (a little under $45 on the link).

Please let us know how it holds up under continued use. See if it has durability for the long haul.