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I don't know if you've had a chance to see the twitter feed of a trending topic before and after it goes trending. If not, check out #ashes over the next few days (it's a cricket series between Australia & England). It might or might not go trending. I noticed that before, people are genuinely talking about the topic, but while it's trending, there's a huge amount of piggybacking and spam. It's quite pathetic, I reckon.

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I just wanted to point out to any other guys reading this that it's possible through observation (of your wife's reactions), learning (helped by Rob & Sue's materials) and adjusting to get to the stage, as I have, of becoming the sort of PERSON that turns your wife on just by being yourself. It never used to be like this, but now I don't even have to think about it. I swear I have to make a conscious effort to turn her off now just so I can get some work done :) We've been married for 2 years and I know some will point to that, and that we'll "get over it". Let me assure you, it's getting a LOT worse/better as time goes by. Which is fine by us lol.

I just want to say thanks Rob & Sue. Your material was the piece I was missing. 5 years of my study culminating with your work. Your simple biblical explanation cut through the remaining guilt my wife felt (we are devout Catholics and all my family are major Christopher West exponents - I read your post about that too) about enjoying it too much. I won't go into it further here, but, thanks for the missing piece.

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Now I know why I'm generally positive and energetic and my wife get's down all the time: I always make sure I get 7.5 hours sleep, but she usually has a LOT less. Great article. I'm forwarding this to her :)

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Thanks. This was very useful helping me clarify my thoughts.

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Well said.

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Glad you like the post steve :)

1) I don't know whether WP Super Cache has the problem. The way I found out with WP Cache was to log out of admin and post a test comment on an old post. You'll know straight away if WP Super Cache has the same problem.

2) Global translator had problems in the past (see my conversation with Nairolf above), but that has been fixed with the latest update. I've checked my logs and there aren't any 404s attributable to GT. There are a number of "network unreachables", but that could just be when GT is caching - the links in the network unreachables work for me. I know GT works for me because I see comments in German (above), Google Analytics shows pages accessed in Italian, German, French, Arabic and Polish (not by me) and I don't have any problems going to foreign language pages through the translate feature. Also, if you search at, say baidu.com, you can see my pages appear in the index in different languages (and the links work).

Hope that helps.

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Hi, my name's Mike and I'm a social media addict lol

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I understand where you're coming from Joergs. However:

If "building up a second navigation... leading the bot twice to the same page" caused a problem, the internet would break. Bots spider the page. If there are 2 links to the page or 200, they will count them as links, not as a duplication of content. It's pretty much an accepted fact, based on what we can gather on how Google's search engine works, that the links created by breadcrumbs won't cause a problem with a site's ranking on Google any more than having a "posted in xyz category" would.

The only plugins I consider essential are Akismet, Feedburner Feedsmith, Google Analytics for Wordpress, Google XML Sitemap, Maintenance Mode and Wordpress Database Backup. Anything else is optional if it helps your site's look and feel or useability. Using my previous template, I thought it improved the site's appearance. Using the current theme, I don't.

NavXT Breadcrumbs aren't going to hurt your site's performance in the search engines. They're not going to help it either. It is only useful if you think it will be useful for your readers (like many things). It has nothing to do with SEO. Breadcrumbs may have been created for SEO, but as you say, proper navigation should take care of that.

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oh dear. I'll leave it up with your comment and nofollow the link in his comment.