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Spoken like a true Progressive (Communist). "Nothing before WWII should be considered?" Then we should not consider her, as her birthday is well before WWII.________

The founders were all about 'individual' freedoms, and believed those 'rights' were given by an overseer above. Government was instituted to keep man, here, on the straight and narrow by a government of and by the people, and only as large as necessary. I.e. a government that governs best is one that governs least...________

Justice Ginsburg needs to be impeached for not upholding her oath to "Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States." She advocating publicly against it ... and is at the very least sedition.

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Freedom of Speech, Assembly, and protest are free ... HOWEVER, that First Amendment 'right' of freedom comes with responsibility. Trashing the Capital, leaving trash, and stomping on the trees and shrubs which cost the taxpayers money is not. I have no problem with protests, but they break a window they get to replace it (back to the state it existed BEFORE exercising their right).

Document the damages well, send the bill to the organizers (those who called for this rabble to show up), and if they do not pay, take them to court .... failing that, review the tapes of the protesters, and issue warrants for them to pay for the accumulated damages. A few 'teachers, firemen, and police' who attended this debacle might enjoy getting a dun from the State..

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1) The Government shall make no law or concept imposing upon another's a religious concept. 2) Egypt didn't have immigration laws, or passport control ... they basically imported workers to be slaves. Concept given here was the Egyptian people were nice people, but the government was a real 'bear.'

Communist concept is to use your own laws, and views against the masses .... seems that Chairman Obama is trying very hard to turn us against our own laws and morals. Just enforce the laws that are on the books! Quit trying to placate us with religious concepts.

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I think what O'Reilly fails to realize: The issue isn't that King Obama was or was not born in Hawaii, it is WHY does he not show his 'official' Birth Certificate, not reproduction of a 'Certificate of Live Birth.'

About the published in two Hawaiian news papers, that can be based upon the single filing of a Certificate of live Birth, which can be obtained fairly easily (since it is a swear or affirm document)... has no witnesses listed on it or Hospital. Why also is his fathers 'race' listed as African, when the normal term then, in Hawaii, was black, or negroid? Perhaps a minor quirk, but again Why?

Also what do we do with this 'certified' testimony of his aunt in Kenya that he was born in Mombasa?

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Standard operation procedure (SOP) ... Flag present, doing the business of the Nation (such as debating for a political office) recite the pledge, without fail.

When it comes to maintaining our unity, our nation, and very system of republicanism one should not have to be 'asked,' one should realize it is an unspoken requirement.

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This is one of the Euro-Centric ideas that all Americans should howl about ... the elites, who will not answer questions on the Constitution, and about 'natural' law love being able to 'appoint' on merit judges who would never have to answer to those they judge. We stand 'above you.'

Do not buy into this idea of we are 'smarter' than you.

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If these AstroTurf Unions, Churches, and bused people do not get 2 million people on the Mall this effort is rated as a FAILURE ... if the Tea Party organization put 500 buses from all over the US the lack of buses in the nation would be overwhelming. They could not get the buses into Washington ... or you could not find a free bus anywhere in the Nation.

Second check: Let's see how 'clean' the mall is after this, OR how many incidents there are ... should be a interesting weekend.

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It is the 'Italian Job' with morals ... 'Ghost' sets them up with a hurry up job and they make mistakes which is tragic. It is worth the box office admission.

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Sorry, you are not going to get it now ~ your positives show there are more than a few here who agree with your facts from history and I do not consider it either extreme or racist. Problem with La Rouche-ies is they do project extreme views and are easy to attack.

"First they came for the rich, and I did not speak out because I was not rich,
Then they confiscated the property owners,
Then they took away our right to bear arms, but I didn't speak out because I wasn't armed."

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Problem with that view is the Jews were just the 'symptom' not the 'cause' ... the cause is/was eugenics, and that can be "selective."

One of Obama's health advisor's (Czar), a certain Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel (Jewish???) who condones eugenics (whole lives system). Eugenics was adopted from the US in the 20's and was taken to an extreme by Germany ... their call was "they are stealing our wealth," & 'What is wrong with our economy is caused by those 'Jews.' i.e. the Oppressor and Oppressed. Sound familiar???