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Hi Gordon,
Thanks for the comment - you're not the first to ask about our own thoughts and i'll be adding something to the post over the next day or so. The original idea was to try and get some momentum going without being prescriptive, but maybe it'll help to put some food for thought up.


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Hi Aodhan,

Thanks for the comment. Our thoughts are fairly basic at the moment, simply that the timing is right for a new debate on voting rights. Up front, whilst representation in the Seanad is pertinent we also believe that representation in the Dail is a valid objective. How this can be achieved (constituency/ies possibly?) can be determined further down the line.

At this stage we're just trying to generate / guage support, and if a growing concensus develops to combine our efforts with others on the same trail. Any support is welcome, we're politically neutral and would like to see a growing momentum that pushes the need for a new debate onto the government agenda.

All the best, Mick

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Hi Brian,
should have just sent us the links and i might have given you a post all of your own! :-)
enjoyed the West Cork scenes though

all the best, Mick

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Hey Benny, if ye can think of a way of packaging and exporting it give me a shout!

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Hi Michelle,

This hasn't got anything to do with the parade, but hey you're from Chicago, you're getting married, and you love your man!

So here's wishing you some Irish luck, and have a great day!



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Hi Judy,

Nicely written, and what a fantastic idea the time capsule is. Very special.

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Hi O'R,

You're sort of hitting the nail on the head there. It's hard to get a feel for opinion in Ireland for the simple reason that it hasn't been debated enough. The general public havn't been presented with the topic and therefore little discussion about it.

Having said that, the government made a commitment late last year to review how the country relates with the diaspora, so hopefully this will be an area that gets revisited. From my own point of view I think there should be a fresh look at this and some changes made.

We'll be starting a forum here over the next few weeks, and i'll be including citizenship rights as one of the topics. If we can tempt enough Irish in Ireland to join then hopefully we'll get a view of peoples thoughts.

All the best,


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Hi Kathy,

I havn't seen any updates on this one either so just wrote to the Minister for Tourism to see if there's been any progress.

Fingers crossed for a reply and i'll post it up here if we get something.

All the best,


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Hi Brian,

Good to hear and with a bit of luck you'll also get some nice early summer sunshine around that time of year.

cheers, Mick.

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Hi Brian,

It looks like it's available online now - http://www.ria.ie/projects/dib/order.html.
From what I can see you can request a trial before deciding to subscribe.

All the best,