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and you're assuming that most of the readers here know Swedish?

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The first two parts are good, but the rest is pretty pointless with almost no subtitles.

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I love Iniesta, he's my favourite player in the current Barca squad, but the man has got to learn how to score. His miss in yesterday's game... Dear god...

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1 Billion people will watch the match? 1/7 of the whole world population? sounds too much in my oppinion...

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It is true what you're saying, but all these teams don't stick to their "playing philosopy" like barca and arsenal do, for instance. Man U are obviously great counter attackers but they change a lot of there game based on their opponents. Milan did try to change their playing style this year under leonardo going from a 4-4-2 diamond to 4-3-3 so it's quite different. Obviously real madrid change their playing style even more frequently, but that's just because choaches there don't last long, and they also switch players quite frequently (and don't even think about how the formation will like while doing it...).

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This game is pure evil =x

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I didn't say that there aren't any other teams that have their own style. But look at Inter, Man U, Milan etc. They have no specific style of play which they use for years. If cruyff means that madrid seem to play without any style-meaning that they're playing mostly on individual moves- then that I can accept. But if he means that they don't have a style that they stick with it's not a minus for madrid, it's just a great plus for Barca.

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I am a barca fan, so don't take this the wrong way:

Sure madrid don't have their own style of play. But their style is buying the best players-that's what they're known for. So yes, Barca have their own playing style and madrid doesn't, but how many clubs in the world do?

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He looks nice... But what did we actually learn about him except that he's going to run?
All he said was quite vague...