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Amusingly, all the classic Israel Lobby propaganda lines are here. The American Empire, eternal and omnipotent, using its top secret zombie laser to "install" a government in (democratic!) Ukraine without the Ukrainians even noticing. But if that government is voted out, it will due to the reds under the Russian beds scheming to re-launch the cold war (who must wear lead hats to block the laser beam)! Europe, needless to say, didn't freeze (I live here!) nor did it "blame" Russia for anything. Then, of course, there's the evil EU which, absurdly, is, at one and the same time, in America's pocket (Kosovo) and a threat to American power which must be crushed (Lisbon). Vaclav Klaus, by the way, was an official of the Czech National Bank from 1971 to 1988 (Wikipedia!). That means that he was considered a loyal communist, was not connected to the Prague Spring, and took no part in the dissident movement before the Communists fell. What impeccable democratic credentials! If Americans are naïve enough to believe this stuff, more fools they!

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"This [the language question] is the main question that we have to solve right now, the one that is very seriously worrying the people". That doesn't sound much like "questioning democratic reforms" to me! And I'm always amused at this quaint idea that we in the big wide world always divide ourselves into pro- and anti-American!

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Nebojsa Malic to the rescue of the American Empire! Suddenly the American-imposed constitution needs to be saved. How dare those nasty old Europeans meddle in European affairs! The real winner, of course, is the hated EU, sole alternative to an increasingly discredited US. I loved the tantrum about the "molecular-level tyranny" trying to force gallant little Bosnia to become a "welfare state". Only an American could have written that! We Europeans regard the welfare state as something positive.

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The interesting point is the conflict between two established principles of international law: the sovereignty of states and the right of peoples to self-determination. Many modern states were created by unilateral declarations of independence, not least the US and Israel, to say nothing of most of Europe. The US recognised Irish independence in 1919, even though the British didn't until December 1921. Thus, there are plenty of precedents on Kososvo's side. This will be an interesting case!

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"The current regime in Belgrade, installed through the efforts of Washington and Brussels …" Nothing could better illustrate the contempt which "Nebojsa Malic" has for the Serbs than the above sentence. Whoever is hiding behind this pseudonym, he is certainly not a Serb, since no Serb would sneer at his brethren in such contemptuous terms!

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If General Castagnotto said that "keeping thousands of European soldiers in Bosnia was about ensuring that the nation’s domestic politics were well suited to eventually integrating it into the EU", he certainly didn't say it in the article linked to! Nor, indeed, did the author of the article! This is just an anti-EU smear! So much for Mr Ditz's reliability as a source!

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My guess as to what happens next is that Bosnia will split up into its religious components, with the Serbs and Croats joining up with their respective countries, which, of course, is a big step towards resolving the whole thing. I laughed, though, at the now hackneyed Israel Lobby propaganda line. Naturally, "Washington and Brussels" (in that order!) "orchestrated" the break-up of Yugoslavia (in the teeth of firece opposition from 99% of the population, needless to say!). Thus, America still rules the world, the EU is in America's pocket (and America in the Lobby's) and Muslims are evil. Childish!

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The amusing thing is that the author's purpose is (as awlays!) to smear the EU in the name of upholding the very American Empire he pretends to criticise but in Europe, the Yugoslav fiasco has done more that anything else to discredit the US in European eyes, drive a wedge between the US and the EU, and bring the EU and Russia closer together. Having failed to set off WWIII by using Serbia, their present victims are the Bosnian Serbs. Since the stunt didn't work the first time, I doubt if it will work the second!

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Europe is doing what it has done since the very beginning: stalling. Medvedev has said essentially nothing and Sarkozy talked about unspecified "sanctions" in December (sic!) if, if, if and if. By December, the dust will have settled and the IAEA will have inspected and found nothing illegal. At most, Iran will be criticised for something or other. Sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you!

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The interesting detail is the claim that Iran reported the facility to the IAEA at this particular moment because they knew Obama was going to go public. How come the government of Iran, with which the US is in confrontation, is aware of what the President of the US is about to do before he does it? Obviously, the Iranians have friends in the right places!