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Hi, Jessica. Sorry about that. I didn't realize you were hearing impaired. Whenever possible, I will try to include captions, but unfortunately at times they are not readily available. If need be, e-mail me offline and maybe I can find transcripts or something similar that might be of help. :-)

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No problem. Ask anytime.

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It's optional. :-)

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Yep, Friday. I seem to be calendar-challenged this summer. I'll fix it. Thanks.

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Took care of it, Bill.

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Oops. Typo. The self-assessment is due this Friday at 8am. When in doubt, the official "schedule" (available from the navigation bar) will be the definitive source for due dates. Sorry for the confusion. I fixed the typos.

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If you want to, you can always drop a comment on any of the lesson posts like this, or you can go to the conversation center.

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Hi Chris (and Amanda). Sorry I don't have plans. I worked from a book I got from Lowes or HD. It was more of an "inspiration" book with just a few photos and a couple paragraphs of explanation, but no real plans. If I can find the book, I'll send you the title. Otherwise, if you have any questions about the construction, I can share my experience. Just let me know. Best of luck to you with the project. It is pretty sweet. :-)

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Thanks, Jen. This was by far Aidan's favorite too. We're glad we could share it with you too.

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Hello, anonymous commenter. Care to elaborate? I would very much like to understand better the reality you speak of.