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That's what I said in the review. They're both 480 pixels across, but the 9700's screen has 40 more pixels vertically.

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Thanks for chiming in about the import fees. You'll likely need to pay for shipping too.

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100km/h = 60mph

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Based on my usage, it displays the name of the city and it's accurate in that respect. I didn't dive into the EXIF for anything more specific than that. The battery is proprietary and it's smaller (about 1100 mAh), but I was able to use it for at least a few days (intermittently) before I lost a bar in battery.

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Atem: I'm not commenting on the presence of the WM key; I'm commenting on its placement. I used to have an HTC Wizard and it had the key next to the space bar. This is easier to reach, I think, and it makes more intuitive sense. Maybe that's just me.

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And for the record, LG stands for Lucky-Goldstar, the two companies that merged to form modern-day LG Electronics.

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Using all caps for LG makes sense. Using all caps for WIDEBOOK does not.

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I used it with a Nokia E71.

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It's generally easier if you're with a GSM carrier, like AT&T or Rogers, since you can find a huge range of unlocked smartphones online that work with the GSM standard. I'm generally a fan of HTC products, so you can look into some of those. If you're with a CDMA carrier, your options are a little more limited, since they may be carrier-locked, but you can sometimes find compatible smartphones online as well.

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I asked the Nintendo rep who was helping with the demo whether this would be released as DSiWare and she said that it would be a "full retail release." Perhaps she was mistaken.