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Here is some quick thoughts. Proclaim the word of God, especially the Gospel. Live a life worthy of their calling. Study God's word. Disciple others. Wow, so should we all. :-)

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Nice! Interesting re-definition, what are you calling the act of teaching others over a period of time how to be Christlike?

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Teach it! :-) Scripture encourages us to be prepared to answer about our faith. 1Peter 3:15 But set Christ apart as Lord in your hearts and always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about the hope you possess.

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And....well is part 4 ready?

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The whole strong foundation deal. If you have the ABCs down, you can build your faith on a solid rock foundation. I agree we all need some biblical theology training to strengthen the foundation of our faith.

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I see your using that baiting thing, you like so well, again.

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He's Back! I don't know about the whole quite deal. Productive and non-posting maybe.

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Do we know when the airport vote will be.

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I think the race thing is wrong, but out there. Previously it was discussed about getting denied applications because of race. I wonder how the person was dressed. I saw when a company I worked for advertised for a worker. The people came in to get applications, some in business attire others came in with there boxers showing, ripped clothes, you name it we saw it for 10 days. I understand you are a individual, but if you want a job dress appropriately for what you are applying for. I have worked with people of all races in my life. I have witnessed reverse prejudice also. I knew one person who would not talk to a white person unless it was unavoidable, militarily required. It is sad that he judged people without giving them a chance and then made it out to be their fault. It goes both ways. If I placed a German flag outside my home or on my car, I am sure I would be looked at differently. To the melting pot discussion, you must try to assimilate into society instead of wanting the country to add your language to everything. If you draw attention to your difference why be surprised when people notice your different. I think we need to think about all this to understand how we perpetuate racism ourselves.