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Have you been watching "Rubicon?" The terror plot is a false flag by government/corporate operators to provoke an attack on Iran.

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What you do is just attack people, the article writers and the other commenters. Attack, attack, attack. Ad hominem, its called. Did you deal with any of the points Roberts made in his article? Roberts says a lot about the Pakistan situation. Do you have a take on it? I saw a young Pakistani woman tell Hillary Clinton that in Pakistan every day is 9/11 because of the US "war on terror" destabilizing that country. Those people must live in fear all the time. I assume you are very sympathetic to Israelis who fear being victims of bombings. Do you have any sympathy for the people of Pakistan and are they not the best judges of what is going on in their country?

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I'm saying you don't know Paul Craig Roberts and his family history but you want to drag him down to justify Israel. If anyone is stoking ugly emotions, its you.

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How do you know that PCR and his forefathers didn't pay for everything they got? This is so typical: slander, degrade and debase everyone and everything to justify Israel. It should tell you theres something wrong with the whole Israel concept that you have to do that.

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"beating the American people senseless with banality and abject bulls*#t" - That is so true. All the distraction - Sarah Palin, Obama "birthers," Tea Partiers, Stewart & Colbert, etc. distractions all.

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And they (our Congress) sell the US out so cheap. I look at the last 10 years, the trillions spent on these wars on (of) terror and it was all for Israel and the money from billionaire zionists. What did our congressmen get total in contributions (and direct bribes somehow or other, no doubt) from the zionists? Could it even be $5 billion total?

And Muslims had nothing to do with 9/11 other than a few of them being kidnapped and murdered to steal and plant their passports. The "Hate Muslims" campaign began 10 minutes after the second plane hit on 9/11/2001, brought to you by the zionists and the whores for zionism, otherwise known as our political leaders.

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Joe, you expect things to move very quickly, right? Like, presto! overnight.

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On foreign policy, Obama is telling the people who supported him, "I fooled you." Not a voting motivator.

On domestic policy, he's making mountains out of molehills. My state, New Jersey, and several others have already done health insurance reform that dealt with pre-existing conditions and keeping people on their parents insurance longer. I was puzzled by the sturm und drang over Obama's bill. The stimulus kept paychecks coming for highly paid union workers, especially state and local government employees. A lot of those people will vote Republican. Couldn't the money have been better used for work opportunities for young people, including minorities? Some of it, anyway? My brother is in local government and he had an idea of hiring young people to clean out old, decrepit infrastructure thats all around the country. Its work experience and physical and we do need to get rid of that stuff.

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Bob, are you giving Feingold a pass because Lieberman is his personal friend (if thats the case)? I cannot do that. Lieberman is a vicious warmonger and Feingold stood by and did nothing when he had a trump card against Lieberman. Other campaigns spend nominal amounts in petty cash, under $1,000 or even none. If politicians can spend $380,000+ in 2 weeks without documenting where they spent it, they can hire the Mafia. It was an egregious abuse and it tells you exactly what how much of a phony Feingold is.

If Feingold really cared about civil liberties or opposing these wars, he'd have gotten out of the way himself and supported an effective leader. He's all show.

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I don't object to getting rid of all of them. Could things be much worse if we had a Congress full of Sarah Palins and Christine O'Donnells? You know, I think it would make it harder for politicians in other countries to back us in our mistakes if we had Sarah Palin-Christine O'Donnell types in the presidency. Some of them actually were able to stand up to Bush because he had an air of jackass about him but imagine if we went all the way to Palin.