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A portable media player, a projector and loudspeakers cost about $300. If batteries need to be recharged with solar panels or a hand crank, add $100.
That's $8 per student for one year.
These devices should last 5 years, so about $1.60 per student per year
Add a $125 camcorder for each school and some video production training and you have a cheap solution.

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Kristin did well and looked good in the interview.
Role models for girls in the Least Developed Countries may come across on web sites like this one.
The vast majority of photos or video of people using technology are of males (including ICT4D web sites). How can we fix that?
We need more pictures and video of girls using computers, camcorders, mobile phones and portable media players.
This is a call to girls and ladies to shoot phots and video and get them onto the web!

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Is a smartphone a mobile phone with PDA functionality? Or is a smartphone a PDA with mobile telephony as a feature?

A PDA does not require connectivity or a carrier. PDAs have local storage for text, audio and video files. Text files are impractical to read on a smartphone by more than one person at a time, but four people can watch a video on a smartphone at the same time. Ten people can listen to an audio file on a smart phone. With an external speaker, 30 people can listen to an audio file.

In many situations, these examples are much more practical compared to a computer.